Use Formula Fields to automatically calculate values in Freshworks CRM

Every so often you need to calculate something that makes you reach for the calculator, even though it bruises your math ego. When you have a lot of data in your CRM, using a calculator can get overwhelming and repetitive, and may lead to erroneous results—if you make mistakes entering numbers.  

To help you auto-calculate data that replaces the manual work and reduces errors, we’ve added Formula Fields in Freshworks CRM!

Head over to your Admin Settings and click any one of the four main modules. You’ll see a new field type on the right pane called “Formula”.

Let’s say you want to calculate the sales commission for your team. You can create a formula to automatically calculate this value for each deal without having to do the calculation in your head.

Here’s how to do it.

Go to the Deals Module in Admin Settings. Then add a new formula field. From there, label your field, choose a return type which in this case is “Number”, and then define your formula.

The formula to calculate commission is Deal amount * Commission rate. The deal amount is an existing field in Freshworks CRM, so insert the field “Deal value” and operator “*”, and enter the commission rate, in this case, 8/100. Check syntax and then save your formula field.  

Now, go to a Deal Page to see this formula in action. Note that your formula fields are Read-only fields, which means users can’t edit the data in these fields.

Not just numbers, you can create formula fields for string data aka the text fields too!

Try out Formula Fields today

Our new addition to custom fields allows you to perform calculations based on field values and saves some repetitive work.

Formula fields is available on Customer-for-Life Cloud and Sales Cloud  Pro and Enterprise plans.

Refer to our support article and learn more about how you can use Formula Fields for your business.


Cover illustration by Ashna Liza Sunny

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