Why use CRM software?

Managing relationships with customers mean being able to look beyond data and understand the context that drives interactions. This context is obtained through different channels—spreadsheets, phone, email, face-to-face meetings, etc.

Being able to access all this context instantly and with minimal effort is a struggle, especially when it is scattered across different tools. That’s where a single tool (read CRM tool) can make a pivotal difference. 

There are a lot of CRM tools in the market, but only a handful can be certified as ideal CRM software.

crm software box crm software box

How to choose a good CRM system

So, if you are looking for CRM software that syncs seamlessly with your business, you need to choose wisely. Make sure to tick off all these attributes before qualifying it as the best CRM tool for your business.

Ease of use
  • Effortless implementation

  • Smooth migration of data from spreadsheets or other CRM tools.

  • Intuitive UI that is straightforward and trumps spreadsheets

Value for money
  • High ROI for the money invested in the CRM.

  • Scales as your business grows.

  • Integrates with your other software used for billing, file collaboration, etc.

  • High user rating on review websites such as G2 Crowd and Capterra.

  • Testimonials from existing customers.

  • Instant and dedicated post-sales support.

About Freshworks

Freshworks is a leading SaaS company trusted by over 50,000 customers around the world and provides a suite of products that take customer engagement to the next level. When we started off not long ago, we thought that buying an expensive or popular CRM system software will take care of our unique needs. But our teams wasted hours learning it and the UI was cluttered with features we didn't need. So, we took a step back and asked ourselves, "What do SMBs like us really want in the CRM?" And that was the inception of Freshsales.

Freshsales is an intuitive software tool that enables your salespeople to start selling from day 1. It works out of the box so that you can:

  • Engage with customers across multiple platforms
  • Build valuable relationships with customers and prospects
  • Get insights into your business
  • Improve your team’s productivity
  • Ramp up your sales process

Customers say we are the best at being


Freshsales comes with a straightforward and intuitive UI that removes the need to wander around applications to get work done.


It has a freemium plan that lets you get started. As your business grows, it scales along with it and gives you more premium features at an affordable price.


You also get free, 24x5 support over the phone, chat, and email—irrespective of whether you’re a free user or a paying customer. 


What you can do with Freshsales

Freshsales can improve sales productivity and make the lives of salespeople easier and more organized.

Here are some possibilities with Freshsales CRM:

All in one place 

Freshsales brings the three most used channels under one window—email, phone, and chat. 

It also gives you complete information about your customers and prospects on a single screen. On this page, you can: 

  • View customer contact details.
  • Track conversations—via phone, email, chat.
  • Check email performance—opened, clicked, replied.
  • Check call logs and call recordings.
  • View the status of deals—open, won, or lost.
  • Create notes, tasks and schedule appointments.
all in one place all in one place


Integrate with other tools

Get the most out of Freshsales by integrating it with various software for:

  • Billing.

  • Chat and telephony.

  • File sharing and collaboration.

  • Customer support

  • Marketing automation

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Automate tasks

Keeping the data in CRM up-to-date is a challenge when it involves performing everyday mundane tasks. Maintain a clean CRM, and also save your time and efforts with automation in Freshsales. You can:

  • Send automated emails.
  • Generate invoices.
  • Generate invoices.
  • Assign prospects to sales reps.
automate tasks automate tasks


Build reports

To scale your business, it is essential that you track and optimize your sales process. Using sales reports, you can also cut through the noise and understand exactly where your sales stand, and how your sales team is performing. You can see their:

  • Email activities.
  • Call activities.
  • Sales activities.
  • Sales cycle and velocity.
build reports build reports


Make it your own

Every business is unique, and you can tailor Freshsales to fit your business needs. With Freshsales, you can:

  • Create custom fields that hold customer information.
  • Rearrange customer, prospect, and deal information page layout.
  • Create custom deals and sales pipeline.
  • Rename default fields.
  • Mark fields mandatory or read-only.
make it your own make it your own

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