Say Goodbye to these 5 Sales Tools with Freshsales

When was the last time you used an appointment book, or a calculator, or a physical photo album? Sometime before you had that glorious piece of technology called smartphones — one gadget that has everything you need and a lot more.

Just as technology has made great strides, so has CRM software. It no longer has to be a dreaded albatross for sales teams—a dumping ground for stale customer data, clogged with information that doesn’t deliver insights for your team.

That’s why we built Freshsales, a CRM for high-velocity sales teams that surfaces your hottest leads, let’s you connect with them by phone and email, and provides context by displaying their behavior on your website, product and email — so you can add value in your conversations and close deals faster. With Freshsales, your sales teams can practically “live inside the CRM” and not waste time bouncing from one application to another to get things done.

If you’re a small or medium-sized business currently struggling with multiple sales tools, you can put the following sales tools out to pasture and save yourself and your sales team a great deal of time, money, and subscription fatigue:

Email Productivity Apps

When you send an email to a prospective customer who is almost ready to seal the deal, the hardest part is waiting for a reply. You tend to get anxious and begin to think – Did they get my email? Have they read it? If they did, why didn’t I get a response? Did my email get lost or overlooked? Should I resend? Phew!

Getting an email tracking tool plugin for your email client would help, but that also means you’d be selling from your Inbox and not from your CRM!

How Do We Do It? Integrated Email

With Freshsales, your Inbox is right inside your CRM so you can access all the emails that matter to your business, just as you do in your Inbox—minus the clutter and promotional distractions!


New emails from promising prospects are automatically added as leads, leaving you more time to generate sales. And while you’re truly getting the hang of living inside your CRM, go ahead and track email opens and link clicks, schedule emails, create templates, see which templates work better than the other, send bulk emails, and a lot more.

Phone Channels

Picture this scenario: You’re an outbound sales rep, and you need to make at least 80 calls, connect with 10, and set appointments with 2 prospects—each day. You pick up the phone, make the call, and run to your CRM to log and add notes. Eighty times. Sounds tedious? You bet.

While an integration with a contact center software sounds like the perfect solution, how about having a built-in phone channel inside the CRM?

How Do We Do It? Built-In Phone

With Freshsales CRM Software, you can seamlessly and quickly purchase local or toll-free phone numbers for any country, so when you’re calling a prospect in, say, Australia, a local number shows up on the prospect’s caller ID even if you’re calling from a different state. This increases your chance of connection and probability of return calls if you leave a voicemail.


All calls are automatically logged and linked to the right record. That’s not all, the phone channel in Freshsales records your calls and allows you to take phone calls at your desk, or on your mobile.

Profile Enrichment Tools

Let’s be honest here, you’re selling to an ever-distracted prospect—with constant tweets, texts, and notifications vying for their attention. Today, it’s not just about getting in touch with the prospect, it’s about how you’re going to stand out from everything competing for that prospect’s attention. You can’t make that phone call without knowing anything about the prospect. Of course, you can conduct Google and LinkedIn searches, but that eats up your time.

Think about it, you land up spending a quarter of your day preparing for that one sales call, when you could have made at least 20 sales calls.

Rather wouldn’t it be better if you could instantly see a prospect’s information (without research and manual data entry) right there in your CRM?


How Do We Do It? Auto Profile Enrichment

For every lead you add, Freshsales automatically pulls the prospect’s photo, social profile information, company information (such as employee count, address, phone number and more), giving you ample data to stand out and still have time to sell. No more manual entry; no more hunt-and-peck research—just pick up the phone and make a killer impression.

In-App Event Tracking Tool

Knowing more about your prospects is helpful. But if you follow up with this same prospect without a clue about what they’ve been doing on your website and product—how they’re connected to your organization—you’re working in the dark. So how do you keep that “killer impression” momentum going?

The answer? Event tracking tools. While there are a lot ways to track your customers online behavior, most of them are built for marketing teams. What a salesperson want to know is,

  1. Is Jake Jones actively trialling the product?
  2. Has Amy Ngo adopted that new feature?
  3. Did Bob Boydanhi visit the pricing page?
  4. Did Jane Wolfschein register for that webinar?

Salespeople want to see any signals that prospects are interested and engaged with your company so they can have meaningful, relevant conversations with them.

How Do We Do It? Website and In-App Tracking

Freshsales automatically tracks your prospects’ and customers’ journeys with your company in a clean, chronological timeline view. You know exactly what actions a prospect has taken on your website, the features they’ve configured, the pages they’ve visited, and a lot more. You get a wealth of deeper insights about the prospect to guide the sales process.

activity (1)

All this information is visible in the prospect’s record, so when you’re about to make that follow-up call, you can quickly check the activity timeline to get context for your conversation.

Lead Scoring Software

If your business receives a high volume of daily leads, your sales reps face a hard challenge. Filtering out the leads who are really interested from the ones who are not qualified could take forever. While you’re pressed for time with targets hovering your head, you might end up chasing the wrong leads! If you’re not talking to your red-hot prospects, you’re going to make fewer sales.

Lead scoring models rank your leads according to their demographic data and behavioral signals with your company. For instance, if the lead is a C-level executive, add a 10, or if the lead has read your email, add a 5. The higher the lead score, the more interested they are—and the more likely to make a purchase. However, lead scoring software could cost somewhere up to $5000 a month. Ouch!

How Do We Do It? Freshsales Lead Scoring

Freshsales Lead Scoring sorts your leads into different buckets (e.g., hot, warm and cold), helping you instantly identify the ones you need to focus on first.

Our lead score model lets you segment and score your leads by:

  1. Characteristics and demographic data (job title, location, industry type, etc.)
  2. Behaviors with your product/service and on your website (e.g., visited pricing page, watched demo videos, adoption of a particular feature)
  3. Response to your email (email opens, link clicks)

lead-list (1)

Just set the rules based on the above criteria, and leave it to Freshsales to score and rank your leads, which happens as soon as your lead is in the CRM. Lead scoring, along with activity tracking, gives you insights to predict the next best action to take to move leads along the pipeline.

Freshsales is the only CRM system that lets you score leads by their activities.

However, we’re not satisfied with this feature yet! There’s room for improvement, and we’re already in the process of making it better. We’ll keep you updated over the coming months.

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Happy Selling!

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