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We're here to save you time and effort on gathering information to find the right CRM. Not one that simply works for you now, but also one that can scale as your business grows. Know how to differentiate the best free CRM in the market and make an informed business decision.

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There is value in free.

The best things in life are free. Admit it. Whether tangible or intangible, there’s a joy when you receive something without a price tag.

Yet, why is there still a stigma around free products and services? There’s a psychological reasoning to this prejudice. We tend to equate price with value. So if a product is free forever, then the probable notion is—it can’t offer any real value to you, and it’s not good enough.

Well, sometimes yes, and sometimes no. The price of an item is not always an indicator of its value. Especially not to you. In fact, an expensive product that’s regarded as high quality may not be worth the investment for your business. But, a free product that does the basic job can be a total steal.

The bottom line—when it comes to free products, try not to perceive zero price as zero value.

What to look for in free CRM?

The goal of any CRM system is to manage and improve customer relationships by providing an integrated approach to organizing data and streamlining processes. A free CRM application should deliver small business the four important benefits—productivity, mobility, scalability, and support.


In essence, CRM is a productivity tool. An easy to use CRM that effectively manages customer data and automates basic tasks is essential for sales teams to improve their productivity. Disconnected data negatively impacts a business's ability to engage, support and meet the needs of customers. Things like lead scoring with insights and activity management are vital to improve collaboration, maximize productivity, and save time.


Accessing your customer data on your mobile is as basic as it can get. A free mobile CRM that gives you real-time notifications is absolutely necessary, especially for a small business looking for rapid growth. With cloud computing on the rise, CRMs are now literally at your fingertips.


Unless you like being where you are, businesses are almost always motivated to grow. Teams will multiply, opportunities would expand, and your business process becomes complex. A free CRM system that scales with your business will prevent the hassle of migrating to an altogether new system. The ability to accommodate your business growth with more users, storage, automations, customizations, reporting, etc. is important to have in your CRM software.


Lack of support is one of the reasons why many businesses reject the idea of using a free CRM. Even if the CRM meets most of their requirements. It’s a valid cause, and we agree. A CRM that leaves you hanging because you're not entitled to support is of no value to you. Although we’ve mentioned support at the end of our list, put it at the top of yours.

Do you need a free CRM?

Every business needs CRM. When you’re a small business owner and looking to grow fast, developing strong customer relationships becomes the cornerstone of your process. You need CRM to manage your contacts, relationships, sales, etc. without having to pay an arm and a leg. Or even better, free CRM.

The best free CRM will help you keep your customers at the center of your focus and win more business. No strings attached.

How to choose the best free CRM?

Find a free CRM that simplifies your business functions and provides the basic four benefits. Many CRM providers claim they’re free but have some caveats.

To make your search simple, here are six core features to keep an eye out for in a free CRM.

Number of users

Kickstart your free CRM without any limitations on the number of free users. When your team grows, your CRM will grow with it. A free CRM for at least 10 users makes a great choice for growing teams and SMBs.

Record management

A free CRM should allow you to befittingly organize your data. Separate your leads from contacts, create accounts and manage deals as individual records to help you in the long run. Also, pick a CRM system with free unlimited records.

Task management

Tasks are a great way to stay on top of your deals, activities, and follow-ups by giving you timely reminders. Look for a CRM that allows you to manage and track your tasks and appointments.

Lead scoring

Identifying hot leads can help small teams spend their time and efforts wisely. CRM that offers lead scoring for free is an advantage when qualifying leads in the sales funnel.


Choose a CRM that provides 24/5 free support over phone, email, and chat. Some CRM vendors offer demos, certification programs, and user guides to understand the solution better. 


Mobile CRMs are on the rise, and majority sales reps access the software from their smartphones. Go for a free CRM that has a mobile app for the free version too.

Use a fully-equipped free CRM system to scale your business. Try Freshsales.

Freshsales is a free CRM tool with an important differentiator—it’s an all-in-one package. You can maintain unlimited leads, contacts, and deals, add unlimited users and get unlimited support. There are no hidden costs, and we don’t charge for support. So while you focus on sales and scaling your business, we’ll hold the fort at the back end for you for free!


What's in Freshsales Free CRM


Get a 360° view of your leads, from one screen

In Freshsales, everything about a lead is captured in one screen—their demographic information, their conversations with you, and any notes, tasks appointments and files related to them.  Which means every lead’s status is a click away, your focus is concentrated around a lead, and you’re in a better position to make well-informed prudent decisions.

360 degree contact view in a free CRM

Work on your best leads, using intelligent data

When you have a list of leads you don’t want to be confused about whom to approach first; you want to quickly identify which leads are more likely to become customers. That’s where lead scoring helps; it’s available right from the free plan. Freshsales hand-picks leads based on their demographic information and engagement with your company. This means lesser time digging through leads and more time for you to perform decisive actions.

Lead Scoring in a Free CRM Software

See how Freshsales compares to other free CRMs

Unlimited users
Unlimited records
Lead Scoring
Upgrade fee/month