Use a fully-equipped free CRM system to scale your business

When you’re a small team and looking to grow fast, free applications are invaluable. But if your data is scattered between multiple free applications, your team could be wasting time juggling between them.

Freshsales is a free CRM software with an important differentiator—it’s an all-in-one package. You can maintain unlimited leads, contacts and deals, make calls using the built-in phone, forward or BCC emails, and integrate with other applications. There are no hidden costs, and we don’t charge for support.

So while you focus on sales and scaling your business, we’ll hold fort at the back end for you. For free!

Get a 360° view of your leads, from one screen

In Freshsales, everything about a lead is captured in one screen—their demographic information, their conversations with you (over phone and email), and any notes, tasks appointments and files related to them. You can also use this interface to directly call leads or start a new email thread. Which means every lead’s status is a click away, your focus is concentrated around a lead, and you’re in a better position to make well-informed, prudent decisions.

Work on your best leads, using intelligent data

When you have a list of leads you don’t want to be confused about whom to approach first; you want to quickly identify which leads are more likely to become customers. That’s where lead scoring helps; it’s available right from the free plan in Freshsales. You start by setting rules around characteristics like the lead’s job title and industry type. Based on these rules, the lead gets a score out of 100. Freshsales then surfaces your hottest leads, making it easier for you to reach out to them first. That means lesser time digging through leads and more time for you to perform decisive actions.

Make calls and log them, right from the sales CRM

When you’re using Freshsales, you don’t need separate telephony software to make calls. With a single click and without leaving the CRM, you can start calling from the built-in phone. Also, Freshsales automatically logs your calls, so you don’t have to worry about data entry. Add to this a bunch of handy abilities: recording calls, forwarding calls to other reps/territories, and leaving voicemail. It’s a great deal when you’re using the phone in a free CRM system.

Do all this and more with your free CRM system

Integrate with other apps

Integrate with Freshdesk and bring sales and customer support together, connect with other apps using Zapier, or make the most of APIs.

Forward or BCC emails

From your mailbox, you can forward or BCC emails to your Freshsales inbox. No more back-and-forth between inboxes for that elusive email.

Use our mobile apps

Stay nimble with the free Freshsales mobile app for iOS and Android. Your CRM’s capabilities stay unchanged on your smartphone.

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