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If you’re a small team that isn’t using a CRM as yet, chances are your data is scattered between multiple free applications, and your team is wasting time juggling between them instead of making a sale. Well, not anymore. Freshsales is a free CRM, made for small businesses like you in mind.

Your ten users get complete access to all the features in the Freshsales free CRM plan. Whether it’s access to your customer data, forwarding emails to Freshsales or making a phone call, you can do all this and a lot more without paying a penny! There are no hidden costs. Just go ahead and start building better customer relationships with the best free CRM software and watch your sales grow.

Customer data, at your fingertips.

Your team does not have to juggle between multiple free applications to know who your new leads are and where your deals are in the sales cycle. With the Freshsales free CRM plan, your small team of up to 10 users can track leads from click to close, manage sales pipelines and customize Freshsales to adapt to your sales process. Your sales reps can jot down notes to keep the entire team in sync and schedule tasks and appointments with leads and contacts so they don’t miss out on any.

The free plan also includes the built-in phone with automatic call log, API and Freshdesk integration.

Save time. Prioritize follow-ups with best leads.

For your small business to grow, your sales teams should be talking to your prospective customers. Your free CRM solution should be equipped with intelligence to tell your sales reps who needs attention and who requires nurturing.

Freshsales has Lead Scoring right from the Sprout plan so your sales team can identify and focus on the best leads, and prioritize follow-ups on those who need attention. All you need to do is just set rules based on the lead’s characteristics and geography. Freshsales surfaces the best leads so your salespeople can easily spot and follow-up with them.

Stay connected with built-in phone

The Freshsales cloud-based free CRM system comes with built-in phone, letting your sales team make more calls right from the tool. The calls are automatically logged inside Freshsales so your team can focus on selling and closing more deals, not on data entry.

While making phone calls, you can opt to record calls to listen to quality of sales service provided by your team. What’s more, you can even buy local and toll-free numbers for any country, increasing your chance of connecting and probability of return calls if you leave a voicemail.

On the email front, you can forward or BCC emails from any mailbox and follow up on conversations in Freshsales. With so many features in the free plan, won’t you agree that Freshsales is the best among the other free CRM solutions?

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Starts at $0

The best features available in the free plan. It’s the perfect CRM for your small team.

Quick to set up. Easy to use.

Takes just seconds to learn and is easily adaptable with your process.

Free mobile app

Access customer data on the go with the Freshsales free mobile app for iOS and Android.

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