Why small businesses need CRM

Running a business, big or small, is never easy. When it comes to small or growing businesses, it is all the tougher as you cannot be burning your pockets for separate tools for marketing automation, sales, and document management funds. Whether it is to fix your broken sales process, or generate new leads or retain existing customers, running the entire show by yourself can be pretty overwhelming. This is where CRM for small business comes into play

CRM for Small Business CRM for Small Business

Enter CRM for small businesses

CRM software is the single tool that unifies all your business processes, right from sales to marketing to data management. It helps you provide a seamless customer experience, just like larger businesses. It shows all customer touchpoints with your business, provides insights into what they are looking for, and helps you engage with them, all from within the CRM. 

crm for small business crm for small business
  • Maintain customer data in a single location with ease
  • Build a lead generation engine by converting website visitors into prospective customers
  • Get complete context on the prospect by seeing their past engagement and share timely offers
  • Segment audience and target with email marketing journeys
  • Foresee sales patterns and predict your revenue using sales forecast and deal pipeline

How can you benefit from a CRM for small business?

360-degree view of the customer

Sales and marketing teams get a unified view of customers and visibility into the entire sales funnel.

Qualify leads

Identify the most sales-ready leads with the help of predictive contact scoring that will help you qualify leads quickly.


Track each part of your sales process with a visual deal pipeline that enables you to forecast better.

Adapt easily 

Quick to set up and easy to use so you can use the free time to hire and train salespeople.

Automate routine tasks 

Give your team a productivity boost by automating tasks like sending emails and entering data in the CRM.

What is the best CRM for small business in the market?

You are probably wondering how to choose the best CRM for small business when there are so many options available in the market. Unlike large, clunky CRMs built for large enterprises, customer relationship management software for small businesses is built to address challenges faced by growing businesses and is simple, easy to set up, at pocket-friendly pricing. 

Most large, clunky CRMs are: 

  • Far too complex to use for small businesses
  • Difficult to implement
  • Have bloated features

Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM) is easy-to-use and can be implemented quickly by your sales team and marketing team, so you don't need an implementation team to take care of it. You can do it yourself! Yes. Freshsales comes with just the right kind of advanced features for a growing small business.

What makes Freshsales stand out from the rest? Find out from this small business CRM comparison below.

G2 rating
Ease of use
Ease of setup
Quality of support
Ease of doing business with
Meets requirements
Lowest-priced plan

$12 per user/month

$25 per user/month 

$0 per user/month

Highest-priced plan

$125 per user/month

$300 per user/month

$1200 for 10 users/month

Payback period

7 months

18 months

12 months

Implementation time

18 days

72 days

33 days

Use of 3rd-party consultants

0 %

18 %

3 %

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Why is Freshsales the best solution for small businesses?

Our CRM for small business, curated for growing businesses, is easy to set up and has a simple layout for easy adaptability. But what makes us truly different? Our CRM for small business offers many functionalities for small businesses to step up your sales and marketing game. With Freshsales, you can 

  • Surface vital information about the contacts, accounts and deals
  • Capture website visitors as leads in the CRM
  • Get insights on how to engage with the prospects
  • Personalize engagement with the company
  • Visually track deals in the pipeline and predict revenue
  • Segment and target prospects with marketing journeys
  • Boost productivity by automating sales activities


Recommended by industry experts

Organize your database with a unified view  

Leads may trickle into your database, but over time they may start to overflow from spreadsheets. As your business grows, it gets difficult for you to identify repeat customers and track new leads.

Freshsales for small business gives you a complete view of contact information. Deep dive into detailed information on accounts, deals, and support tickets in queue through the Summary and Details sections. You also get a chronological timeline of engagements you’ve had with them over email, phone, chat, etc in CRM for small business. With these different touchpoints, your team has the much-needed context to engage with the prospect. This is why you need a CRM for small business: to spot buying patterns, differentiate warm leads from cold leads, and convert prospects into customers

360-degree-view 360-degree-view

Convert leads into customers with intelligent suggestions 

Once you have leads in the CRM system, what is the next step that you need to take? Our CRM for small business makes the job of a small business owner easier: 

  • Avoid manual work with auto profile enrichment
  • Identify priority contacts with predictive scoring
  • Personalize engagement by offering the next best action
  • Attract website leads with automated chat campaigns


crm for small business crm for small business

Boost productivity by automating routine tasks

Small business owners wear many hats and may not have the time to update information on the CRM. Most of your time may be spent on mundane tasks that can be done by a machine. With an intuitive CRM for small business like Freshsales, you can automate tasks like:

  • Following up on leads
  • Sending emails
  • Raising invoices
  • Updating fields
  • Setting up tasks
  • Booking appointments
fsa workflows fsa workflows

Predict cash flow with analytics 

As the owner of a small business, you'll want to track important real-time metrics that affect your revenue and your sales reps' progress. With the money and time you have invested, you want to see numbers and results quickly. With CRM for small businesses, you can use visual reports and dashboards to gain insights into deals, revenue, team performance, and sales activities. 

Freshsales also offers real-time marketing analytics to deep dive into your marketing campaigns and identify your top conversion source. 

sales report sales report

Reduce customer churn with marketing automation

One of the biggest reasons for prospects to fall through the gaps is because they do not have a personal connection with your brand. According to a Podcast by The Introvert Entrepreneur, 'People don't hire you because you are the best. They hire you because they get you, and you get them.'

With Freshsales, you can understand your contact database's different demographics, segment them into different lists, and send targeted email journeys to nurture them. You can also set up sales sequences by adding follow-up tasks like reminders, appointments, and more with a CRM for small business.

email template email template

Integrate with multiple apps

Growing businesses need integrations to connect powerful data-rich platforms to your small business CRM solution so that you can have all your customer information in one place. Freshsales fits perfectly into your existing business workflow by seamlessly integrating with a host of popular business apps like Freshdesk, Freshchat, Trello, GetAccept, Google Calendar, etc.

small business crm small business crm

Choose the best CRM for small business.

Choose Freshsales.

Freshsales helps you grow your small business and manage your pipeline effectively. Our CRM for small business offers a wide range of capabilities to make it easier for you to improve your brand experience. The small business CRM captures and segments contacts, tracks interactions over different communication channels, schedules emails, automates your tasks. It also allows you to customize the contact and accounts details page, giving you the flexibility to highlight and summarize the fields that are important for your business. It offers more functionalities to step up and grow your small business

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