Freshworks CRM All features Event tracking

Gain 360° view of contacts and tailor your engagement

Event tracking in Freshworks CRM provides businesses with greater visibility into their audiences’ interaction and behavior. Get full context about every contact, and deliver timely messages that improve conversion. Track the complete lifecycle of your contact—from website visitor to qualified lead and ultimately loyal customers and beyond.

Know your website audience inside out

Get total visibility about every contact in your database even before they become a lead. With Freshworks CRM, easily track website activity like page visits, form completion, content downloads, etc., and associate them to a contact once their details have been captured. Identify your contacts’ activities right from when they were a website visitor, and gain complete context for personalized engagement.

Achieve greater visibility into your audience behavior

Get all the information about a contact right from their website activity, content downloads, sales interaction, purchases, and more. View a chronological timeline of events that your leads underwent and enable your sales teams to engage with them contextually. Use advanced filtering to segment activity timelines and analyze engagement through specific channels.

Create high-performing campaigns

Run targeted marketing campaigns based on your audiences’ behavior—email activity, website activity like page visits, downloads, form submissions, and more. Create segments based on the above and craft personalized journeys that are automated, improve conversions, and drive revenue.

Align your sales and marketing teams and break internal silos

Enable your sales and marketing teams to work together with greater visibility into each others’ campaigns. With a unified database that provides a complete picture of every leads’ activity, you can deliver targeted and personalized campaigns that improve conversions, and drive growth.

For Sales Teams
For Marketing teams

Sales teams

Boost your sales performance with targeted outreach

Schedule emails

Set your campaigns to go out at a specific date and time when your customers are most likely to read them.

Set up real-time alerts

Get real-time alerts on email opens, link clicks, and new emails, and connect with your prospects at the right time.

Forward emails

Sell from any inbox, forward or BCC emails, and follow up on conversations right from your CRM account.

Customize emails

Switch things up and capture your prospects’ attention with attractive colors and fonts using custom HTML code.

Automate email communication

Use Sales Sequences and Workflows in Freshworks CRM to automate your outbound email campaigns.

Share email templates

Identify the emails that bring in the most responses and share the templates with your team for their reference.

Marketing teams

Track every event and personalize audience engagement

Increase product adoption

Track your contacts’ activity in your web app, and identify if they are accomplishing critical events. Provide a seamless onboarding process, optimize in-app experiences, and drive product usage based on your insights.

Improve marketing campaign performance

Run hyper-targeted campaigns that are personalized and relevant to your audiences’ interests. Deliver the right information at the right time, add value, and improve your conversions.

Nurture leads to conversion

Expedite lead to customer conversions with nurture campaigns. Create segments based on events data like content downloads, newsletter signups, webinar/event attendance, and more.

Enable closed-loop marketing

Drive your marketing efforts to closure until your leads become customers. Follow your leads’ journey and intervene with automated nurture campaigns when they aren’t ready to convert.

Track website performance

Identify the top pages visited by your audience and optimize them for better conversions. Experiment with content, remove friction, and provide them with delightful website experiences.

Improve retention

Continuously monitor product usage, purchase frequency, and more to reduce customer churn. Stay on top of key retention metrics like NPS, repeat purchases, etc., and nurture customer relationships.

Need just the Sales or the Marketing Cloud?
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Sales Cloud

Surface the best leads, manage the pipeline, automate sales activities, and get smart insights that help close deals, faster.


Marketing Cloud

Create personalized campaigns, attract the best leads, engage contextually, and deliver the best customer experience at scale.