Why do eCommerce companies need CRM?

By 2040, around 95% of all purchases are expected to be via eCommerce. While the eCommerce business is growing tremendously, the industry landscape is hyper-competitive. Customers have more choices than ever before, and to stand out, you have to deliver a seamless experience and delight in every transaction.

To start with, piecing together a holistic view of the customer is a challenge that all eCommerce store owners face. This is primarily because an eCommerce store like yours may have hundreds of leads visiting your website, but you don't have any face-to-face contact with them like a physical store. Even with existing customers, it is challenging to retain them when they can easily get pulled into another competitor's offering. 

For new visitors, you need to get their attention, gauge what they are looking for and make personal connections, and for existing customers, you need to study their past buying patterns and retain their attention. This becomes a struggle when the data you are collecting is fragmented across different tools used by sales and marketing teams.

A CRM software for eCommerce stitches together your fragmented data and provides a unified view of your leads for sales and marketing teams. It also gives the much-needed insights to target the right leads. These valuable insights will enable smart decision-making, improve customer retention, and increase your revenue from B2B and B2C customers.

CRM for Ecommerce

Why We Believe Freshsales is a leading eCommerce CRM in the industry

Freshsales is an AI-powered eCommerce CRM software that has been designed to help online store owners like you grow your business. 

Attract the best leads, boost customer engagement, and drive deals to close within one comprehensive eCommerce CRM system. Freshsales earns you customers for life by 

  • Capturing your ecommerce website visitors automatically and converting them into leads within the ecommerce CRM software
  • Offering AI-backed insights and next best actions to take to convert leads into customers quickly
  • Providing an activity timeline of the leads, including web activities, recent conversations, appointments, and all engagements with your business on one screen
  • Personalizing every lead's path to purchase with targeted email journeys based on their purchase history

What's in Freshsales for Ecommerce?

Freshsales is a multi-purpose AI-powered CRM system for small and medium ecommerce businesses to survive and thrive in this highly competitive industry.

It helps you attract the best leads, segment, and target online shoppers based on contextual information, eliminate manual tasks and track metrics. CRMs are so effective that the average ROI for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent. 

Some of the benefits you can get out of an ecommerce CRM software are:

Break internal silos with a unified customer view

Often there might be miscommunication between marketing and sales teams, as they work with different sets of data. Your marketing team may be running online promotions and discounts that your in-store sales team might not be aware of. An ecommerce CRM software like Freshsales provides a unified view of leads for both teams and helps segment and target them better. Only 33.9% of organizations have a jointly agreed process for marketing and sales to nurture leads.

  • Break organizational silos by providing a single source of truth to both your sales and marketing teams
  • Keep track of every touchpoint of the lead in a single timeline, including every conversation via email, chat, SMS, and phone call
  • Automatically enrich lead data, including social profiles and publicly available information


Customer Service Improvement

Quicken the sales process by converting your ecommerce website visitors into leads

85% of online shoppers do research before making a purchase online. So when your lead browses your ecommerce website and looks for information, you have a chance to engage with the lead. Every website visitor is a potential lead who can become a customer for life. Amplify conversions from your website with personalized interactions, minimize cart abandonment, and eliminate friction from conversion paths. With a CRM solution like Freshsales, you can: 

  • Run AI-powered chat campaigns run on your website to understand your visitors' intent, automate communication with leads, and send contextual answers to their queries.
  • Create, customize, and deploy webforms on high-converting pages to capture website visitors as leads, track their journey to engage in contextual selling, and sell faster.
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Improve sales by using AI to qualify leads 

While online retailers invest a lot of money to drive website traffic, a high conversion rate is never guaranteed. The average conversion rate in ecommerce is only 2.86%. But don't worry, with Freshsales, we've got you covered. 

  • Your salespeople can then identify, prioritize, and qualify the most interested leads using predictive contact scoring by AI-powered assistant Freddy
  • Freddy surfaces the best leads to connect based on historic data and suggests the next best action to move them through the funnel

Derive the power of AI in a CRM


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Nurture abandoned carts with journeys

One of the biggest challenges that B2B and B2C ecommerce face is the ability to learn about your lead's shopping interests, preferences, and tendencies. With Freshsales, you can understand data, segment your audience, and create personalized email marketing journeys that deliver the right message to shoppers at the right time on the right channel. With Freshsales for ecommerce, you can:

  • Create different lead lists for segmentation and run hyper-personalized campaigns with context and drive more sales
  • Create a well-thought-out welcome email campaign for your new leads using our easy to use drag and drop email journey builder
  • Create personalized upsells and cross-sell marketing campaigns that target certain customer segments to get repeat transactions
  • Eliminate cart abandonment by triggering well-timed email marketing journeys that remind users to complete their purchase

See how you can set your entire customer journey 


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Predict cyclicality and demand with analytics

Predicting and keeping up with cyclical demands can be challenging in the ecommerce business, especially when demand fluctuates in the holiday and lean seasons. With an ecommerce customer relation management software like Freshsales, you can: 

  • Use advanced analytics to forecast seasonal sales and cyclical periods.
  • This helps you anticipate demand and prepare for hiring, SKU stocking and marketing promotions.
  • Get visibility into team performance, sales activities, communication, source, deal information, and predicting the stock's cyclicality for your online business
  • You can use the Marketing Dashboard to identify campaigns that have contributed to revenue with powerful analytics and reports and track the performance of your email campaigns like email opens, click rate, etc
  • Automate reports that identify products or SKUs that are pulling in sales and keep your inventory adequately stocked to anticipate and meet demand

Learn how you can make the best use of sales and marketing analytics


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