Things you can do with the enhanced Freshworks CRM-Freshdesk integration

With the Freshworks CRM – Freshdesk integration you can sync contacts and accounts in Freshworks CRM with customers and companies in Freshdesk. This could be done for a bunch of default fields including name and address.

We’ve enhanced the integration by enabling 2-way contacts’ sync across every field type, including custom fields—in real-time!

This means both sales and support can start doing cool stuff like this:

Check updated customer info without leaving Freshdesk

With the improved integration, any information updated in Freshworks CRM is auto-synced to Freshdesk. So when a customer upgrades from a free plan to a paid plan, a support agent can find this info in the helpdesk support without exchanging emails/calls with sales reps. Support can then tailor their conversations accordingly.

Support can also prioritize tickets based on customer info pulled from Freshworks CRM. Using sales-specific details (like Paid Customer), support can get better context into their customers. This’ll help them identify the tickets that need to be resolved first, especially when there’s a higher inflow of customer queries.

Contact Status field


Stay up to date on support’s edits, right from Freshsales

It’s not just about sales reps making changes. Support agents constantly edit customers’ profiles too. Businesses who don’t want communication gaps between sales and support expect this updated information in the sales CRM, in real-time. So when a support agent edits a customer’s contact details in Freshdesk, the sales rep can find the updated phone number in Freshworks CRM right away.

FD-FWCRM Contact info


Set up workflows to resolve tickets faster

This is particularly useful for new tickets. When an enterprise customer raises a ticket, and the first response is getting delayed, a workflow can be triggered to remind support that this ticket needs immediate attention. Don’t stop there—you can also set the ticket priority as Urgent in the same workflow.



Gain deeper insights using synced sales and support data

Bring together numbers from the helpdesk and the CRM. For instance, support can export the list of resolved and unresolved tickets by plan. This’ll give both sales and support an idea of the number of tickets raised by free and paying customers.

FD Fields

If you’re a sales rep and you’re checking out this integration for the first time, this is how tickets appear in Freshworks CRM:

Tickets in FWCRM

Here’s how you can start exploring the integration right away:

Step into support tickets and offer solutions faster

You’re in talks for a high-value deal. Your contact has raised a ticket asking for a customization to the product. As bad luck would have it, the support agent is swamped and he misses the ticket. It lies unattended for a day, and you’re wondering what’s keeping you from closing the deal. Now you can head over to the “Recent Tickets” section in your contact’s profile, find out the status of the ticket and get insights into the conversation. Use this context to co-ordinate with the product folks, push for a solution, and close the ticket—and your deal!

Get notified automatically every time a demo request is raised as a support ticket

A new contact wants more information about your product. They’re keen on a demo; they’ve raised a ticket. In an ideal world they’d reach out directly to sales, but don’t worry if they won’t. You can get a notification every time there’s a ticket about a demo request—plus you can have the contact created in Freshworks CRM. No back and forth between sales and support, no need for redirecting.

Tell us how the integration works for you and how we can make it better. We’re at

If this blog was your first look at Freshworks CRM, welcome! We’re glad you found us 🙂 If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use sales CRM that won’t go hard on your wallet, get on board with a free 21-day trial.  

Happy selling!

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