Your website serves as a front to boost your online presence, attract visitors, and encourage them to get to know your business better. When you run campaigns targeting specific users, your website cannot be the ultimate destination. You need a webpage that aligns with the campaign goal, amplifies the message, and guides visitors to take the desired action. That's where a landing page comes into the picture. 


Landing page builder Landing page builder


Landing pages are powerful lead generation tools that support your targeted marketing campaigns. Nearly 48 percent of the top landing pages are ranked in maps and organic listings, making them an integral part of your marketing efforts.

What is a landing page?


What is a landing page?

Landing pages are standalone web pages created specifically for your sales/marketing campaign. A landing page is where prospects land after clicking the link on your marketing email, campaign, or an online ad. The focus of your landing page must be at a granular level for a smooth transition from click-throughs to conversions.

Your landing page serves a single purpose–to offer more information, give visitors a personalized experience, and further persuade interested prospects to take the desired actions. 

So how does a landing page differ from your business website? Let’s find out.

Difference between a website and a landing page 


Both landing pages and your website attract visitors and encourage them to complete an action. Let's take a look at how the two differ from each other.

Purpose Serves multiple purposes. Provide general information and raise awareness about your business and services. Serves a single purpose.
Offer information about a specific business offering and capture leads.
Content Messaging on the homepage appeals to a broader audience Targeted messaging tailored exclusively for prospects
Navigation Consists of multiple web pages that encourage visitors to explore and learn out more about your business Usually is a stand-alone page that offers information about a specific campaign or service offering
Target Attracts broader audience who are unaware of your business and are looking out for solutions in line with what your business offers Attracts interested prospects who engaged with your campaign/ online ad
Call-to-action May contain multiple calls to action that drive visitors to explore more sections of the site and learn more about the business A single call to action to capture visitor information and turn visitors into leads
Example Freshmarketer homepage Landing page for CRM software


After identifying the goal of your landing page and the campaign it will accompany, the next step is to finalize the type of landing page.

Types of landing pages

Your landing page supports your campaign by expanding the message of the campaign and turning interested prospects into leads. It acts like a sales rep who connects with prospects, nurtures them with relevant content, and encourages them to move forward with a transaction. 

The type of your landing page plays a huge role in converting interests into leads. The right landing page not only maximizes your conversion rate, but Google and other search engines recognize good landing pages with better quality scores. This can increase your ad’s ranking, lower cost per click, and drive more traffic. 

Click-through landing page

Click-through pages are the most widely used landing page across the B2B, B2C, and e-commerce sectors. These pages act as an intermediary between your ad and a signup/purchase.

Click-through landing pages warm up your prospects to your specific offering before they complete the goal. The page contains a more prominent call-to-action, the only clickable element, that leads to a definitive goal.

Lead generation landing page

Also known as a squeeze page, lead generation landing pages include a form where visitors can enter their name and email address.  To drive form submissions, these pages give visitors free resources or exclusive offers.

The contact information lets the business follow up with the prospect at a later date and move them ahead in the buyer's journey.

How to maximize conversions using landing pages 


When you create more landing pages, you can increase the footfall to these pages. But to harness the maximum benefit out of your landing pages, you need to incorporate them into relevant campaigns. 
This not only augments visibility to your campaigns but also drives up the conversions.

Win more customers through organic campaigns:

For growing businesses, organic campaigns are their primary marketing strategy. Your business homepage may rank well on search engines but may not offer a streamlined path to conversions. That is where a landing page can help you. 

Optimized landing pages not only rank better but offer answers to frequently asked questions that prospects have. In addition, these landing pages reduce distraction and maximize conversion with effective call-to-action.

Capture attention through laser-focused advertisement:

Clever copy, creative headlines, and persuasive language make great ads. But they only complete one-half of the mission— driving the clicks. The other half lies in a well-optimized PPC landing page that your visitor lands on after the click. Prospects who land on your landing page through an ad know what they want.

Your landing page should appeal to their wants, address their pain point and clear any reservations they may have. This convinces your prospects to complete the action, indicating a good landing page experience. Maximum conversions attract a better quality score, thus driving good returns on your paid campaign efforts.

Win customers back with retargeting campaigns

Almost 70% of potential customers leave without buying anything. Unless you can bring them back through powerful remarketing campaigns and personalized offers. Integrating a landing page lets you market to prospects who haven't had the time to know your business. 

When you create more top of the funnel content to draw visitors in, you can identify engagement patterns. This will help you create targeted remarketing pages to pull them back to your business.  Showcase your best offers, create fluff-free content and empower prospects to start off from where they left.

Maximize conversions on your email campaigns:

Pairing your email marketing efforts with personalized campaigns can deliver amazing results. Through segmentation, you can deliver highly personalized emails to grab your prospect's attention. 


But linking a landing page to your emails ensures that, when a subscriber clicks, you'll help them follow through with their action. Without a compelling landing page, your subscribers are mostly redirected to the homepage or a generic product page. This does more harm than good because you offer more content and fewer opportunities to convert.

5 Essential elements of a high-performing landing page


The core building blocks of your landing page work synchronously to offer a great experience and lead visitors to your goal. Your landing page elements should work towards a single point of conversion, and help the prospect get to it faster.

As a thumb rule, ensure that any element should meet the following standard:


                                                                                                                 Sharp, quick, and powerful.


Here are some of the basic landing page elements that drive conversions:

Clear unique selling point  (USP):

This is the primary benefit that hooks your visitors. It answers the primary question your prospect has, "What makes this offer too good to refuse. Your USP also helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors and how your solutions are superior.

Hero image/video to captivate visitors:

Good visual imagery lets you capitalize on emotions and hook your prospects. It complements your story and is ideal for prospects who like to skim through. The best image demonstrates the context of use and depicts a powerful story. Adding multimedia such as images, videos, gifs can increase engagement and decrease the bounce rate.

Rewards they can reap:

The headlines tell your prospect why they should care, the benefit on the other hand expands on what's in it for them. This is where you reinforce how your offer creates a positive impact. If you're selling a product, the benefits on your landing page should focus on how your solution addresses their pain points.

Reviews and Testimonials to reinforce the offer:

Reviews and social proofs influence a prospect's purchase decisions. When you incorporate quotes, you highlight your authority in the industry. It lets other customers market their experience and gives prospects a glimpse of the positive impact of your solution.

CTA focused on the goal:

If your prospects have been this far on your landing page, you need a powerhouse to turn the interest into a conversion. That's where a strong call-to-action persuades prospects to complete the goal. 

Your CTA should be in line with the message on the page. Your CTA should be conversational and convey what happens when prospects interact with it.

Getting started with your own landing page


Now that you know the value of a landing page, it's time to start creating one. You don’t need a whole village to go live! You can create a landing page on your own, without depending on your go-to-marketing team, design, or IT Team.

That's where a landing page builder like Freshmarketer can help you. Not only does it reduce the time to go live, but it works right of the box. Onboard your team faster, explore power-packed features and launch stunning landing pages. 

Five key steps to build your own landing page with Freshmarketer


Freshmarketer gives you the tools to bring visually stunning landing pages to life. And the leads you capture through your page? They go straight to your CRM for your marketing and sales teams to follow up, engage and convert.

You don’t have to compromise on quality when you opt-in for a landing page builder. Create fully functional landing pages in minutes and focus on running your campaign.

Build stunning landing pages in minutes

  • Create a single page or multi-page landing page in minutes

  • Leverage the drag and drop editor for intuitive editing, clone pages to avoid reworking from scratch

  • Flatten the learning curve and onboard faster. No extensive coding or design skills required.

landing page builder landing page builder

Personalize your landing page to the last pixel

  • Choose from a library of templates, stunning images and embed your videos effortlessly

  • Add your logo, preferred font, and let your branding shine

  • Freshmarketer takes care of post-click optimization for your landing pages

Landing page personalization Landing page personalization

Avoid lead loss and automate marketing

  • Contacts submitted on your landing page go straight to Freshmarketer

  • Segment your contacts to tailor highly targeted email campaigns

  • Create automated workflows, nurture leads and maximize conversions

Lead loss landing page Lead loss landing page

Optimize your landing page attract visitors and top the SERPs

Personalize landing page Personalize landing page

Trusted by businesses globally

Experiment, iterate, and improve performance with CRO add-on 

  • Easily integrate Google Adwords conversion tracking pixel on the page

  • Run A/B tests for your landing page and increase conversions

  • Use session replay and heatmaps to track how visitors engage with your landing page

Build landing pages easily Build landing pages easily

Your landing page should attract leads and deliver promising conversions. It should also seamlessly integrate with your CRM to ensure that leads you capture go straight to your sales team. When you can build stunning landing pages you shorten the time required for conversion, remove design dependencies and bring ideas to life faster.