How many times have you crafted landing pages with lots of effort, only for them to fall off-target in garnering an appropriate conversion rate? 

Are you doing something wrong? Definitely not. 

But then again, optimization is key.

Sure, you can revisit the page multiple times to optimize and republish it and witness better growth.

The best part? This also helps you reduce the bounce rate of your page.

But, what if you have two versions of the page at the same time to understand exactly what your visitors preferred?

AB Testing Software

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing or split testing is an important CRO (conversion rate optimization) method used to compare two different versions of a web page with each other and analyze which one did better. With A/B testing, two or more variations of a page are randomly shown to visitors. Marketers can then analyze which variation of the web page performed better through multivariate testing.

Why is A/B testing important, and who needs to use it? 

A/B testing allows marketers to understand - 

  • Which page works better
  • And why it works 

You can run A/B tests consistently for a single goal: to improve conversions (and the user experience of a page) over time. 

Take a B2B company, for example. Their goal may be to generate high-quality leads and drive more conversions from their website. The marketing team can change every single element one after the other, in phases, and understand which change leads to a significant improvement in the number of visitors through test results. 

In short, A/B testing is vital for companies, regardless of whether they're an e-commerce company trying to analyze checkouts or B2B, that rely on their website to generate new leads. This is because A/B testing helps you "Google Optimize" your pages to suit its ever-changing algorithms over time.

A/B testing can be done effortlessly with software specifically made for this purpose.

AB Testing Tool

What is A/B testing software? 

An A/B testing software helps you supercharge marketing efforts by providing you with capabilities to build multiple versions of a landing page, analyze what your visitors prefer, perform segmentation and optimize for conversions.

An A/B testing tool (like Freshworks CRM, Optimizely, VWO, Kameleoon, AB Tasty, Unbounce, Omniconvert, Adobe's suite, or even Google Analytics) helps you:

An A/B testing solution such as Freshworks CRM helps you seamlessly experiment, test variations, and provide the best experience for your users.

A/B testing with Freshworks CRM helps you seamlessly experiment and provide the best experience for your users.

Freshworks CRM - A/B Testing Software


To understand which page is better, you need the best A/B testing software in your arsenal, and that is exactly what Freshworks CRM offers in its suite. 

Seamlessly create different versions of your landing page

Leverage the power of Freshworks CRM’s super WYSIWYG drag-and-drop visual editor functionality to create intuitive variations of your landing pages. Edit the user interface, background color, text, add images or choose from various templates or go fully technical with HTML or attribute-based changes. Whether you are a marketer or a coder, Freshworks CRM's testing platform makes it easy for you to craft different versions of your page and seamlessly split test them.


AB Testing Software

Segment your audience for better conversions 

Easily track information from audience visits to your web page and split them based on their preferences and provide the best customer experience. Determine whether they are direct visitors entering your web page through channels such as referral, social, mobile, and search engine, or if they are returning visitors. Optimize your web pages accordingly and witness more conversions. 


Leverage integrated heatmaps and understand user behavior

Understand the visitor behavior of your web pages with click and scroll tracking, focus on where they spend most of the time and where they drop off from the page. Accordingly, you can add or remove CTAs, buttons, links that don’t garner attention and increase the usability of your page. With Freshworks CRM, you can leverage these insights to drop web pages that aren't yielding results.

Quantify your experiments and understand their impact

Freshworks CRM gives you a detailed report on multivariate tests and how they perform over time. With this, you can learn why a particular version of the web page works and why one doesn’t, get metrics like conversions, number of visits, unique visits, and more. 


AB Testing Software

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