Regardless of how you direct visitors, every landing page has a common goal: to allow visitors to take the desired action. This means, however well (or sometimes, not great) your landing pages perform, there is always room to improve. 

This is where landing page optimization comes into play, and what facilitates this is a landing page optimization tool. 

Sure, you can optimize your landing pages without a tool (for example, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Optimizely, Mailchimp, Leadpages, or Crazyegg) meant for it. Still, an add on built specifically for landing page optimization helps you create new landing pages, make intuitive changes to old ones, measure their performance, and effectively optimize to be more appealing to your website visitors.

The end goal? These landing pages become a lead generation machine!

What is landing page optimization and why is it important for your digital marketing strategy?

In simple terms, landing page optimization helps you get more conversions, (such as signups, subscriptions, or even purchases) out of your existing landing pages.

In simple terms, landing page optimization helps you get more conversions, (such as signups, subscriptions, or even purchases) out of your existing landing pages. 

Generally, marketing teams dedicate lots of time and effort to building these pages (and money, too) so that it fits well into their SEO (search engine optimization) strategy and reach the right target audience. Hence, it is essential to get the best possible outcome from these landing pages. 

The exercise of landing page optimization allows them to do this by experimenting and improving existing landing pages. 

For example, say you publish a landing page that covers a popular keyword. Unfortunately, you haven’t observed your prospect conversions reach the level you had expected them to after two weeks. 

To fix this situation, you can publish a new landing page and wait for another two weeks to see how that version performs. 

Or, you can track user behavior in real-time, understand exactly what users like and don’t, where they click, and which sections they skip. This is much more efficient and allows you to make changes to your existing landing pages into high converting landing pages instead of creating a new one.

Why is it important and do you need to use it?

Landing page optimization is a very important practice in CRO (conversion rate optimization) and it makes every landing page you create more effective. It does this by helping you understand factors that impact your conversions and helps you test and make tweaks. This allows you to increase your existing landing page conversion and reduce bounce rate.

You can perform landing page optimization with a testing tool on various types of pages such as: 

……...among many others! 

Whether you're a marketer in an e-commerce company or a SaaS-based company you spend a lot of time, effort, and money on creating the best landing page that has all the important elements. So ideally, you’d want to get maximum return on investment. Another advantage of improving landing page performance is it creates a lasting impact on business metrics across such as lead-gen, customer acquisition, and revenue and helps you "unbounce" your landing pages. 

This is where Freshmarketer steps in. It helps you create landing pages and measure their performance. With the CRO add on, Freshmarketer also lets you make tweaks and boost conversions all from a single application.

Landing Page Optimization Tools by Freshmarketer

With Freshmarketer's CRO add on, you can improve the user experience of your potential customers, test landing pages, understand how they consume your landing pages, and run A/B tests to pinpoint which version of a page they prefer from end-to-end.

Zero in on what your users prefer with two versions of a landing page

Create two different versions of your pages without changing your messaging, and run split-testing experiments to direct your website visitors to each one at various times. With Freshmarketer's landing page builder, you get access to high-quality landing page templates, edit its user interface with a drag-and-drop visual website optimizer, change color schemes, edit or remove header text, or add attention-grabbing CTAs. And, if you're a coder, you also have the option to make HTML-based changes.  Landing page design is an essential aspect of a good landing page and Freshmarketer helps you create the best one.

Landing Page Builder - Landing Page Optimization Tools Landing Page Builder - Landing Page Optimization Tools

Identify friction on user experience through behavior replays

Replicate your visitor’s journey on your website and watch their movements such as clicks, taps, keystrokes, and scrolls in real-time with session replay from Freshmarketer to increase your page's usability. You can also target and record your visitors’ sessions based on multiple audience segments and focus on the ones that help you increase conversions. The best part? Freshmarketer automatically masks your visitors’ sensitive information such as credit card details and passwords from getting recorded.


Session Replay - Landing Page Optimization Tools Session Replay - Landing Page Optimization Tools

Optimize user experience by visualizing user scroll and clicks

With Freshmarketer, you can visualize your visitor’s clicks and scrolls to understand what captures their attention or distracts them. The best part? You don’t need to wait for the tool to gather data before you get any actionable insights. It happens in real-time, so you don’t need to sift through heaps of processed data later on. 


Heatmaps - Landing Page Optimization Tools Heatmaps - Landing Page Optimization Tools

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