Sales Goals to set, track, and hit your targets

We’re excited to launch Sales Goals, a smart way to set goals, track performance, and take actionable steps to reach higher.

Goals provide a way to measure the success of your business. If you’re focussed on closing deals or increasing revenue, goals help you understand what you need to accomplish and how to take action. With Sales Goals, you can define your sales objectives as measurable goals in your CRM, track progress, and reach your targets.

Let’s see what you can do with Sales Goals to measure success.

1. Set goals for revenue and won deals

You can create two important goals in Freshworks CRM:

Revenue goal

Increasing sales and market share is a key objective for any business. With Sales Goals, you can track the progress your business makes towards achieving your target revenue. Create a revenue aka “deal value” goal for reps and teams to hit a target in a given time. Freshworks CRM calculates the total revenue target of the deals that the assigned members win within the defined goal period.

Won deals goal

Set individual or team goals for the number of deals to win over a period. It helps you know how your sales force can close deals. When you move a deal the closed/won stage of the pipeline, it is a won deal and is added to the overall won deals target. Use this metric to drill into each rep’s performance and identify who wins the most deals and who has trouble.

2. Define the period and time range for your goals

Any goal needs a timeline so that you can focus and work towards achieving it within that period. Otherwise, there’s no fun. With Sales Goals, you can pick a goal period—Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly, and a corresponding time range for each period.

3. Assign goals for users and teams

Who is the goal assigned to? You can assign them to users or teams. Users are the salespersons in your account. Teams are groups of users who belong to the same unit and who collaborate with each other.

User goal

If you want to assign the same individual goals for two or more users, you can create one goal that will assign as separate targets to each user. For example, you can assign a monthly revenue target of $1,000 or a weekly won deals target of 25 each to John, Dave, and Maria by simply creating one goal.

Team goal

You can also create a goal for a team and its members. Freshworks CRM will automatically split the target equally by team members. Or, you can also manually break the goals down for specific members. You can also exclude members from contributing to that goal, like a sales manager in the team.

Learn more about teams here.

4. Apply a goal to a territory, product, and pipeline

You can also set targets on a deeper level to understand the success, performances, and challenges of individuals and sales teams. Create targets for territory, product, and pipeline using Sales Goals in Freshworks CRM.

How to set up a goal

If you’re an Admin for your Freshworks CRM account, go to Admin Settings > General Settings > Sales Goals, and click the Add Goal button to create a new goal.

Note: You need to have “View goals” and “Create goals” permissions enabled for your role in Freshworks CRM to create a goal. To learn more about Roles, click here.

Provide the required goal information and click Save. Once you save a goal, the assigned users will receive an in-app notification and an email notifying them of their new sales targets.

Keep track of the progress

You can view and keep track of your progress towards your goals from by going to your Sales Goals Dashboard in Freshworks CRM. Click on your Profile icon on the top right > Sales Goals.

Hover on a goal progress bar to see the target, achieved, and attainment breakdown. On the right, view the overall progress of your deal value and won deals goals for a period.

5 benefits of using Sales Goals in Freshworks CRM

  1. You can prioritize and set sales goals in the CRM
  2. Track progress towards your business objectives
  3. Bring accountability to teams and drive salespeople to succeed
  4. Identify areas for growth, new territories to pursue, and products that sell
  5. Reward salespeople who meet and exceed goals, and create a high-velocity sales team

Kick your goals today

Sales Goals is available on Customer-for-Life Cloud and Sales Cloud Pro and Enterprise plans. Read our help article on how to set up sales goals for your business.

If you’re new to Freshworks CRM, sign up for a 21-day free trial and start using Sales Goals!

Cover illustration by Ashna Liza Sunny