Customer segmentation made easy

Businesses who cater to a large audience categorize their prospects into territories based on similar characteristics such as geography, business type, business size, referral source, needs, etc. Referred to as territory management, this sales practice is an effective way for sales managers to enable sales reps to focus and prioritize on leads assigned to them. Organizing sales teams by territory also helps to identify profitable territories, sales reps who are meeting targets, and the potential sales areas to improve.

Sales managers divide their sales team into specific groups so they can effectively handle their territories and maximize opportunities; however, the process of assigning territories to sales reps becomes a problematic exercise if you don’t have an automated system in place. A sales management system like CRM software comes with territory management capabilities to define your sales territories.

With a sales CRM like Freshsales CRM, you can create a systematic sales territory management plan to organize your team, auto-assign leads round-robin, assign phone numbers to territories, transfer calls to territories, limit territory access, and more.

Define territory rule and automate lead assignment

Based on your organization and sales plan, you may want to segment your leads in your CRM software into different territories based on geography, size, zip codes, etc. In Freshsales CRM, you can create any number of territories and define each by combining any number of rules to segment your leads. Pick multiple lead field values for each rule to set up your criteria, and assign leads to the territory. You may have sales reps working in different regions and want to limit their access to outside records. Simply specify the users you want to allow access to leads in a territory. This way only those users can manage territory records. Add users you want to assign leads to, and Freshsales CRM will start assigning leads round-robin.

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Assign phone numbers to territories and transfer calls

Having a built-in phone in your CRM software is an easy and fast way for sales reps to get in contact with leads. With the Freshsales CRM phone, you can purchase local and toll-free numbers for any country and state, and assign them to sales reps and territories. If a lead called in to your wrong branch, then the sales rep can transfer the call to the correct territory directly from the CRM without dropping the call.

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Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Allocate responsibilities

Allocate sales reps to access records in a territory and those who are automatically assigned to leads in round robin manner. A sales rep can have either of these roles in different territories, if allocated.

Territory-wide sales reports

Pull out revenue metrics from your Freshsales CRM database by territory, sales reps and more. Pinpoint the territories that are meeting targets; identify the key potential regions and star performers in your team.

Role-based access

Set roles to define what actions your sales reps can take in a territory, whether they can add, edit and delete records, and what they can see in Freshsales CRM.