What is sales management software?

Sales management software is a centralized system that helps implement sales techniques, manage sales operations to boost productivity, and ramp up sales. 

Managing a sales team is no mean feat. In your search for a suitable sales management software that can assist you with tracking KPIs, assigning leads to sales teams, monitoring sales pipeline, and analyzing lost deals, you can get caught in a web of multiple tools to carry out the above activities. And ultimately, the primary purpose of having easy access to sales information is defeated and productivity goes for a toss.

A good CRM is an all-in-one software that addresses the challenges of sales management practices. Although not all CRM software comes in handy for a sales leader, having one like Freshsales CRM for your business can remarkably improve sales practices and performance by enabling sales managers to optimize their sales management skills.

What to look for in a sales management software 

If you are looking for a sales management software that syncs seamlessly with your business, make sure to tick off all the listed attributes.

Brings multiple tools onto one platform.
  • The three most used channels under one window—email, phone, and chat. 
  • Integrations with essential software like billing, helpdesk, marketing automation, etc.
  • Notes, calendar, tasks, and appointments alongside your contacts.
Unifies every record across the customer lifecycle in one place
  • Complete information about your contacts in a single screen. 

  • Recent conversations via phone, email, chat alongside contact information.

  • Status of deals and purchases linked to the contacts.

Saves time and improves your teams' productivity
  • Automation of recurrent tasks such as sending emails, generating reports, etc.

  • Reduction in manual data entry

  • Auto-assigning prospects to the right sales rep

Lets you access data anytime, anywhere with a mobile app
  • All desktop functionalities on your smartphone

  • Real-time push notifications that keep you up-to-date

  • A dashboard that shows how your day looks like

Gives you an intuitive and straightforward user interface
  • Effortless implementation

  • Smooth migration of data from spreadsheets or other CRM tools

  • Does not make you wander around the application

G2 rating
Free forever
Payback period

7 months

17 months

12 months


0.6 months

2.4 months

1.1 months

NPS score




Sales sequences
Leads, contacts, accounts and deal management
Built-in phone
Reports and dashboards
Free 24/5 support over phone, email & chat

What’s in Freshsales CRM sales management software? 

Freshsales CRM is a cloud-based sales management software that can improve your sales process and boost productivity.

Here’s what you get in Freshsales CRM.

Manage prospects & contacts

Gain quick access to your contacts’ information. Freshsales CRM gives you everything you need in just a scroll. It can also 

  • Automatically capture prospects’ information who reach you via email, live chat, and web forms
  • Enrich prospect and business profiles with their social media information
  • Give a complete timeline of a prospect’s engagement with your business
  • Identify and prioritize prospects who are most likely to become customers
fsa suite contant highlights fsa suite contant highlights

Make relevant conversations 

Engage in contextual conversations with your customers and prospects without toggling screens. Freshsales CRM comes with an inbuilt phone, 2-way email sync, and chat integration so you can 

  • Make calls from within the software and automatically record and log calls. You can also manually log calls that are dialed outside the software
  • Send and receive emails within Freshsales CRM and also get real-time alerts when your contacts open or click on a link on your email
  • Use our chat integration and quickly engage with your website visitors when they are interested and reduce the bounce-off rate
sales management sales management

Visually manage your sales pipeline

Define and build your sales process with ease. Freshsales CRM sales pipeline management software allows you to customize your deal stages based on your sales process. You can also

  • Build multiple sales pipelines for different teams
  • Forecast your revenue at each deal stage
  • Filter and sort deals based on deal value, probability of closing, last activity date, and more. You also get to save these filters and access them at any time
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Automate sales process

Save time and boost your productivity by automating repetitive sales tasks with Freshsales CRM sales performance management software. Automating tasks keeps your data up-to-date and reduces manual data entry by sales reps, who sometimes forget to update tasks. Using workflows in Freshsales CRM you can automatically

  • Send emails
  • Raise invoices
  • Update CRM fields
  • Update deal status
  • Assign prospects to the right sales reps
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Stay ahead of your follow-ups

Personalize your outbound campaigns and start meaningful conversations with your customers using sales sequences in Freshsales CRM. Sales sequences let you

  • Choose between activity-based smart sequences and time-bound classic sequences
  • Send and track how your emails are performing and create the perfect outreach for your audience
  • Select from a list of templates, set up delivery timelines, and create a killer impression.
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Gain insights & make smart decisions

Scale your business by tracking and optimizing your sales process using the sales reports that tell you exactly where your sales stand, and how your sales team is performing. With the in-built sales reports, you can

  • Create reports across different modules and export them as CSV or PDF
  • Measure team performance by tracking their emails, calls, and sales activities
  • Analyze trends and forecast your sales
  • Review every activity that has impacted your metrics
  • Customize your dashboard to get visibility on key sales metrics
  • Schedule reports to be sent to your inbox at regular intervals
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