Start more conversations with Email Marketing Sequences

Sending one email never intrigues prospects. Most likely, you send one email hoping to catch the attention of the prospect. You follow up once, no response. You follow up one more time via text. Still no response. You feel like you are intruding into their lives and stop. Sounds familiar?

This inconsistency in email outreach leads to opportunities slipping through the cracks. This is where you need to automate email sequences to get quick conversions

email sequence email sequence

What are Email Sequences 


Email marketing sequences are a series of emails sent from a software based on predefined conditions with a goal to convert prospects into customers.

The objective of designing email sequences can vary for different marketers:  

  • To get the prospect to reply
  • To get the prospect to sign up
  • To build brand awareness

If you are wondering if you need to start running email marketing sequences, answer these questions: 

email sequence email sequence

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of the above questions, then you definitely need to get your followup strategy sorted. When you have to reach a hundred or thousand leads on a regular basis, personalising and not spamming your prospects sounds impossible.

How to Build Your Email Sequence


email sequence email sequence


With a powerful all-in-one CRM, you can send personalized email marketing messages to your users and keep them engaged.

  • Design your campaign from scratch
  • Choose from existing templates
  • Draft personalized subject lines and body copy
  • Target your segments
  • Schedule campaigns as per your recipients' time zone

4 Email Marketing Sequence Examples and Templates 


Setting up an automated email series is the secret sauce that can help you target and reach out to countless prospects while staying consistent with your messaging. 

You just have to set it up once and it works for you, allowing you to focus on other important tasks. Here are some templates and examples of automated email marketing sequences for you.


An Eye-Catching Welcome Email Sequence

email sequence email sequence

Welcome email sequences are the first roadmap for cold leads who have signed up for a webinar, downloaded an ebook, or subscribed to your newsletter. 

Welcome emails are powerful because opens and click-through rates are often 2x any other email you send.


According to Islin Munisteri, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Theia Marketing, “The ideal email sequence for my team is five email sequences to convert a lead to a customer.”

Say you have a prospect list comprising webinar registrants who filled a form on your landing page, you can start warming up cold leads with a sequence that gradually nurtures leads through the pipeline. For your welcome email sequence, you can start with three emails, and then, based on the response, expand to 5-7 emails. Start your sequence with the following steps: 

Step #1: Email thanking registrants

email sequence email sequence

At the start of the sequence, send a confirmation email, and thank prospects for registering for the Webinar. Also, make your webinar hashtag known to them so they can create some noise around the Webinar. 


Hi {First Name} 


Thank you for registering for {webinar name}. I am {your name} and handle {your role} at {your company}. And I will be giving you quick updates as we go.


The {Name} webinar starts in a week, and we can’t be more thrilled to see you there! Here’s how things will go down tomorrow: {Share the agenda}


I will be sharing the link to the Webinar closer to the date. 


Join the broader conversation on the Webinar on Linkedin {link it} and Facebook {link it} by using {Webinar related hashtag}.


If you have any questions, I am always here. 



{Your Name}

Step #2: Address painpoints 

If your prospect is a technology officer at a transportation company, you can talk about how your product can help solve the challenges they face. 


Hi {First Name}


I chanced upon this report {link} on the US's transportation industry developments and noticed that digital transformation is one of the key factors for growth for several companies.


A {talk about your product} can help run operations smoothly and improve lead management, especially in the transportation sector {attach reference link}. 


Let me know if we can get on a quick 10-minute call to discuss more. 



{Your Name}

Step #3: Send useful resources

email sequence email sequence

One week before the webinar, send them a reminder as well as resources they may find useful. You know what your prospects are looking for, or what their challenges might be (depending on the webinar topic and the target group you are sending to). Share ideas that will resonate with them.




I wanted to ensure {Webinar Name} does not slip out of your mind! I am excited to have you join us at the webinar. Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy these resources around the topic: 

-{List resources}


P.S: Don't worry about missing out on your session. We will email you your personal link 30 minutes before the talk is due.



{Your Name}

Step #4: Engage and deepen the connect 

Everyone likes a freemium offer. Offer something they can't refuse, or at least feel bad about refusing: a free trial, or a freemium model, or free resources. Throw in whatever you can a few days before the webinar. 


According to Morgan Williams, Enterprise Account Executive, Yelp, "Outreach emails that work well for me are ones that look like they are from an actual human, lead with value, and have a call-to-action that engages the prospect with a question that's easy to answer. To humanize my emails, I use short, all-lowercase subject lines, contractions, and industry slang."

In this stage of your cadence, you are just nudging your prospect to experience your product. 

Hi {First Name}


Your session is X days away, and we can't be more excited! While there is social chatter about the Cold Email Webinar {Insert Webinar Name}, I wanted to check-in on you. In my earlier email, I had mentioned how a CRM could help improve your email outreach. 


As the sales manager for {prospect company}, you know the difficulties faced in scoring new leads. So here is a free trial {insert link} of our CRM. It is super easy to set up, and we offer 24/7 support. So go ahead and give us a try! CRM plays a pivotal role in nurturing leads and reducing manual tasks for your salespeople.  


Let me know if you need more information.



{Your Name} 

Step #5: Share live webinar details

When its time for the webinar, add the details and share it as part of your email marketing sequence.

Hi {First Name} 


OK, this is it! We're about to start any second now. 

For instructions on how to connect to the webinar, see below. If you have any issues, just hit reply.


{Webinar links and instructions}


See you there! 



{Your Name}

email sequence email sequence

Step #6: Post-webinar thank-you email 

After the webinar, share the recorded link for those who may have missed it as part of your email sequence. 


Hey {First Name},


As promised, here is the webinar recording link so you can relive the cold emailing session anytime you want!  Hope you found it useful.


Should you wish to switch to a CRM that helps you automate your cold email outreach and track engagement metrics, let me know and I can take a super quick 10-minute demo of our CRM?


Let me know what time works best for you,



{Your name}

email sequence email sequence

Onboarding Email Sequence

welcome email sequence welcome email sequence

After all the nurturing, you have won a customer. Now sending an automated onboarding email series is an easy way to greet new subscribers or to say thank you for a first purchase. It is a powerful first introduction to establish a connection and ensure customers don’t slip through the cracks. Make sure your onboarding email cadence ensures your new customers understand how to use the product and enjoy it to the hilt. 

Step #1: Thank-you email 

Begin your onboarding sequence by thanking the registrants.

Hello there, {First Name} 


Welcome to the Freshworks family! We are glad to have you onboard our rocketship of over {X} users! 


Here are some resources to help you get started {link}.

If you need any assistance in setting it up or helping your team get started, please reach out to me {provide contact details}



{Your Name}

email sequence email sequence

Step #2: Follow-up

Set up an automatic reminder to check on your customers and their progress in using your product. Any initial glitches, problem areas, and requests should be attended to by the respective teams straightaway before it bloats and leads to churn.

email sequence email sequence

Step #3: Text message

Most of us are looking at messages on our phones through the day. Set up a reminder to send a check-up text to your prospects within your CRM and ensure things are going smoothly.

email sequence email sequence

Abandoned Cart 

email sequence email sequence

There are many reasons why people abandon online shopping carts. These could include high shipping costs, lengthy delivery times, or sudden disinterest. But there is curiosity in your product, which is what made the prospects add your product to their carts in the first place. To spark that curiosity again and nurture it, you can schedule an abandoned cart email journey to bring back lost prospects. 

Your abandoned cart email sequence can have a catchy subject line: 

You can save a variety of email templates within your CRM so you don't have to type one from scratch each time. 

Step #1: Email that offers something truly unique

email sequence email sequence


Since buying intent is high in abandoned cart prospects, have simple call-to-action that focuses on how easily the customer can finish the checkout they started. Make your email marketing sequences quirky and personal. 

According to Ron Stefanki, Founder,, “After roughly 8 years in the online business space, I’ve realized that the key to any automated email sequence is that you make sure to give value before asking for anything. Anyone that signs up for your email list trusts you enough to give their email address so that you can contact them.  One quick way  to lose that trust is to flood their inbox with requests before giving them anything of value.”

Hey {First Name},


It was you and me

All alone in this beautiful world, 

Filled with {quirky name for your product}

And then suddenly, 

One day you let go 

And the world seems imperfect.

And we can’t stop thinking about you. 

Let’s seal this sweet, sweet deal. 

I’ll give you 10% off if you show me some attention

Let me know if we can swing together again.


Missing you 

Your {company name} cart 

Step #2: Text or email with a sneak peak into a new product rollout or sale

Hey {First Name},


We are still waiting for you to take that step and check out your cart with 10% off. :) 


Also, here is a sneak peek into the upcoming sale, exclusively for you! This will definitely help you save a lot more than you initially thought you could. 


Let me know what you think of the sneak peek and if you want to know more, I am always reachable on {contact details}! 


{Your Name}

email sequence email sequence

Step #3: Abandon your sequence  

If you still don't get a response from step #2, then most likely your prospect does not want to connect. Say a goodbye, but don’t be pushy. Be in the good books when you are closing an email marketing cadence. 

Five reasons why you should use Email Journey Builder in Freshsales Suite

Get complete view of customer 

Get a 360° view of your audience with insights into their activities and engagement

Provide personalized experiences

Personalize your engagement by delivering targeted campaigns at the right time. Use powerful automation to provide consistent and delightful experiences.

Automate emails

Leverage automation to eliminate conversion roadblocks and facilitate faster growth.

Find best leads with AI

Prioritize your contacts based on Predictive Contact Scoring by Freddy AI

Nurture customers 

Develop specific nurture campaigns with detailed triggers, actions, and condition

What can you track in an email sequence

We are now in a digital social landscape that allows us to see whether our emails were delivered and if so, who read our emails, when they read it, and how many times. 

Kris Sharma, Founder, WebinarGrow feels email campaigns come down to three main elements: “Your copy, your data, and your tech setup. If you’re getting low open rates, then you have a problem in one of those areas. You’ll want to have a short, straightforward copy, scrub your data for incorrect information, use best practices for warming up your IP address and track email metrics.”

Here are some of the email marketing sequence metrics that you can track within a CRM with email tracking capabilities.


Emails sent

Track how many emails you are planning in a day, week or month. See which frequency works for you and which email sequence works the hardest for you. 

Email open rate 

How many prospects actually clicked on your email and opened it? Track this percentage to see how effective your emails are. To improve your metric, tweak your email subject lines and opening lines. 

Email reply rate 

This percentage measures the effectiveness of your actual email copy. Personalize your emails, be relevant, and have a strong call-to-action.

Bounce rate 

Identify email addresses that are bouncing and cleanse your list. Ensure your emails are not too pushy, and add some value to your prospects. 

Unsubscribe rate 

Find out the reason for the unsubscription. Were you too spammy? Did you target the wrong audience? Seek the answers. 


How to build an email marketing sequence for your business

Understand, segment, and target leads

Your marketing team need not use five different tools for gathering lead data, planning campaigns, and sending promotional emails. With the Freshsales Suite (formerly Freshworks CRM), you can organize all your customer information in a single customer data platform, get an end-to-end view of every customer, understand their activities, and group them into different target segments and lists. Group contacts into Static and Dynamic Lists based on attributes and behavior to send personalized emails.

segment audience segment audience

Personalize emails

An email sequence is a journey to establish a solid connection with your prospects.

How do you do that?

Know what they are looking for, the challenges they are facing, and what they expect from your product.

With an intelligent CRM, you get deep insights into every prospect’s interactions with your company, where they are in the pipeline, and website behaviour.

Design and personalize your email marketing sequences with insights on their requirements. 

FSA Activity timeline FSA Activity timeline

Choose from a variety of email templates 

Having a ready set of email templates, with attractive designs can save your marketing team a lot of time and effort, especially when you run simultaneous campaigns.

With the Freshsales Suite, you can amplify your message through visually appealing emails and choose from a wide range of templates available for every industry and usage. You can also save templates for future campaigns. 

email templates email templates

Make better decisions based on marketing campaigns

Understand what works and and in some cases, doesn’t work for your marketing outreach through marketing analytics available within an intelligent CRM. With Marketing Reports, get to know the nitty-gritty details of your marketing campaigns' performance including how your email lists are performing over time and top conversion sources, be it ads, social or emails. Identify the campaigns that generate maximum engagement. This will help you improve your game plan for better conversions and faster growth. 

FSA suite reports FSA suite reports

Build Targeted Email Sequences to Improve Conversions

Now you know how email sequences can be your sales team’s ally, get an email sequence software like Freshsales Suite that can run sequences automatically, nurture customers, and help you measure performance.

build email sequences build email sequences

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