What is sales software?

Sales software is a set of tools that, when put together, help sales managers and team members effectively handle and stay on top of their sales process. 

As a salesperson, you get insights into crucial metrics such as emails sent versus received, average call duration, deal wins versus lost, sales forecasts, and more. Regularly staying on top of these attributes can help you take charge of your sales process and maximize revenue. 

Examples of sales software are:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software

  • Reporting software 

  • Sales forecast tools

  • Cloud telephony solution

  • Live chat software

What is sales software? What is sales software?

Sales Software vs. CRM

Sales software vs CRM Sales software vs CRM

The truth is that a sales software and a CRM are very much alike, and this can make you wonder how exactly they’re different or which one is the right fit for your business. 

A CRM helps manage all your customer data in a centralized system. This includes prospect/customer information, data on how they entered your sales cycle, their preferences, and more. 

On the other hand, sales software usually comes in separate packages and performs a singular function such as: 

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between a CRM and a sales software: 

Sales Software

Used for centralized contact management. This provides seamless visibility into customer information to sales, marketing and even support teams.

Used for handling each function of a sales process with separate tools and is primarily used by salespeople. 

Leverages powerful artificial intelligence functionalities to provide insights into the customer information, such as prioritizing prospects with lead scoring, predicting whether a deal is likely to close with deal insights and detecting whether prospects are out-of-office. 

Helps sales managers track daily tasks, workflows, outcomes and even organize meetings for salespeople.

Allows sales and marketing emails to be sent right from the CRM and also syncs inboxes. 

Sales software needs to be integrated with a contact management software to truly benefit your sales process as it requires data from various departments within the company.

CRM allows users to create simple and advanced reports to measure sales effectiveness or ROI from marketing campaigns.

Allows you to create in-depth sales reports from data pulled from a deal management software via integration. 

With a CRM, users can schedule tasks and appointments and stay on top of them through timely reminders and notifications.

Even though a CRM has all these functionalities in one form or another, it consists of additional capabilities since each sales software serves a specific purpose.

In a nutshell, while sales software is primarily used for purely sales-related functionalities, a CRM is useful for persons in the sales, marketing and even the customer service departments. 

5 advantages of using sales software

You get organized data and track information faster

Every sales call, email interaction/response, deal status is recorded into the sales software. As a manager, this organized data means you can find and track these details faster. This also saves your team some valuable time in logging in each detail manually.

Drives revenue and growth

Sales software helps you optimize your sales process and through many functionalities such as sales forecast, track aged deals, predict the outcome of deals in the pipeline, and even the likelihood of conversion based on your prospect’s email information. This helps accelerate revenue generation and contribute to the growth of your company. 

Allows for quicker engagement

As a sales manager, you’d like your sales team to engage with prospects as soon as they enter the system. It is a hassle to wait for them to enter your system and then assign them to a salesperson manually, and this takes a sizeable chunk of your time. A sales software allows you to auto-assign prospects to your salespeople as soon as they enter your system, allowing for faster engagement.

Generate advanced reports quickly

Sales software allows you to quickly pull up sales or marketing reports based on specific parameters. So, you can pull up a report on the high-performing territories in your sales team or generate one based on a marketing campaign’s engagement or ROI. 

Cost-effective cloud telephony

One of the commonalities in sales software is a cloud telephony solution that usually comes with powerful functionalities. So, you can monitor your team’s calls, their duration, configure auto-assign, or even listen to call recordings to optimize future calls. Another advantage of a cloud phone solution is that call metrics and other relevant data are automatically recorded.

Sales software use cases

Real estate sales software

Stay on top of every transaction, schedule and reschedule meetings with clients and do more with a real estate sales software: 

  • Oversee your team’s daily meetings with clients 

  • Send them important brochures or documents while they’re on-the-move with sharing functionalities 

  • Track your prospect’s website activity to understand the localities they’re interested in and have contextual conversations with them 

  • Get a solution that synchronizes with real-time data that your agents update on their smartphones while on the move

Small business sales software

In a small business scenario, every prospect is important, and with a sales software, you get:

  • Contact management that helps you maintain all customer data in a single location without slippage through the cracks 

  • Segment and target the right set of customers with powerful email journeys 

  • Forecast and predict your revenue with sales forecasting

  • Set up a wide range of automation functionalities such as email sync, data capture. This saves you more time and helps you focus on selling

Field sales software

Be in constant touch with your field sales agents, send them timely information, and optimize your sales process better. With a field sales software, you get the following functionalities:

  • Help your team plan their day-to-day activities by helping them identify the right prospect and opportunity to track

  • Update and manage your inventory in real-time

  • Your field sales team can plan their daily route

  • Take control of your team’s field activities and take measures to optimize them further

Hotel sales software

With a hotel sales software, you can capture booking inquiries with ease, ace communication, and even more with the following features:

  • Automatically assign prospects to the right agent in the right hotel location and preferences

  • Leverage the power of contact scores and surface the best prospects to engage with

  • Address your prospect’s queries quickly and efficiently through chat

  • Deliver the best customer experience with timely offer emails

Online ticket sales software

Ensure that tickets are sold on time so that no prospect is left waiting with an online ticket sales software and even more such as: 

  • Get on a call with interested prospects quickly and help them book their tickets through a cloud-based phone

  • Resolve questions and ticket-related queries quickly through chat

  • Send timely reminder emails for pre-booking slots and openings

  • Understand what event or movie your prospects are looking to book through web-activity tracking

Medical sales software

Earn your patient’s trust and ensure that no stone is left unturned through efficient data capture and schedule management with a medical sales software.

With the right medical sales software, you can: 

  • Link the right doctor to a respective patient for quick access

  • Capture and store a patient’s complete medical history, bills charged, medicines prescribed, and more for reference

  • Automatically assign or reassign doctors to patients and ensure that they are attended to quickly 

  • Set timely reminders in the form of emails or notifications to doctors and patients

  • Understand which clinic or department within acquires the most number of patients, and a doctor’s performance through reports

Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM) is a sales software that bundles these functionalities and more in a single product. With Freshsales, you don’t need to purchase multiple tools integrated to perform the functionalities you require. More importantly, you get 360-visibility of all prospect and customer information, easily engage with prospects over email, phone and live chat, and more.

What you get with Freshsales sales software

360° visibility into the sales and marketing funnel

You can also view communication data with your prospects, their engagement with your website, responsiveness to emails and more, to maximize conversions. Additionally, sales and marketing folks don’t have to worry about data inconsistencies and silos. Freshsales stores all marketing and sales prospect information in one place for hassle-free access.

It deep dives into every interaction a prospect has had with the sales and marketing teams. This ensures that sales teams have context into all the marketing touchpoints which help deliver personalized experiences. And marketing teams have visibility into the status of the MQLs passed to sales.

This ensures that all teams have the same information about the customer, and helps deliver personalized experiences.

Contact page Contact page

Integrated phone with powerful features

With an integrated phone, you don’t have to switch to another app and lose access to crucial information. It’s all in one place.

Monitor your team’s calls, voicemails, transfer calls quickly to another salesperson without losing context, and even purchase numbers from various countries to deliver a localized call experience.

You can also set up automatic call recordings to analyze their efficiency and optimize them. 

Phone integration Phone integration

Capture prospects efficiently with smart webform

Convert your website visitors into prospects with powerful webforms. Design them from scratch and deploy them on your website, or capture prospects from existing ones. It’s your choice. And, as soon as the prospects enter your system, their information is automatically enriched with information on how they have navigated your website and their social media details. You can leverage this to seamlessly start a contextual conversation with them. 

Web forms Web forms

Engage in full context with your prospects 

Set up triggered or targeted live chat capabilities and engage with your prospects at the right time. For example, you can set up a triggered chat message to pop-up when your prospect views the pricing page to help them choose the best plan. You can also target a specific prospect at the right time with a relevant offer and nudge them into making a purchase decision. Or, set up automated chat messages if the prospect is on a webpage after business hours to ensure that it gets assigned to the right person the next day. 

FSA Chat campaigns FSA Chat campaigns

Run a systematic sales process with powerful analytics

Easily analyze and predict your team’s performance with sales reports. With analytics, you can understand which territory, salesperson, or even campaign that brings you the most revenue, compare it with the ones that fare lesser, and optimize your sales process. You can also drill deeper and understand how your sales cycle is faring by identifying where or when your salespeople face challenges and increase conversions. And better yet, you can maintain a custom dashboard to view multiple reports and measure metrics in real-time. 

Reports Reports

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