Keep track of your sales calls on the Freshworks CRM mobile app

Amidst all the new age communication channels that have sprung up with the rise of mobile, there is one 19th century invention which surprisingly continues to be the most effective channel for any salesperson: the telephone. Because nothing works like picking up a phone and striking a conversation, whether you are getting on a discovery call with a new lead or while negotiating the terms of an upcoming deal. And once the call is over, it is very important to capture this conversation in your sales CRM, so your team can have the full context of previous discussions for any future follow-ups.

But what happens when you’re away from your desk and you make a call from your smartphone? You need to log this call in your sales CRM immediately or risk forgetting an important detail, which could be the difference between winning or losing a deal. With the latest update of the Freshworks CRM mobile app, you can now log your calls on the go and all the details are immediately recorded in your CRM.


With this feature, you can:

  1. Add a call log to a Lead, Contact, Account or Deal. Similar to manual call logs on web, you can add a note with details of the call.
  2. View the existing call logs associated with a Lead, Contact or Account.

The Freshworks CRM app will auto-prompt a call log for calls initiated from within the app. Check this support article for details: How does call logging work?

Go ahead and download the Freshworks CRM app from the Play Store or App Store and try out our latest update.

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Applicable plans: This feature is available from on our Customer-for-Life Cloud and Sales Cloud Growth plan and above. 

Happy selling!