6 Powerful Accounting Apps to Integrate with Freshsales

The Freshsales Marketplace is in full swing with over 100 apps to kick up your sales productivity. From apps that boost lead generation to apps that enable automation, sharing, and collaboration, we have it covered. To make your hunt for these apps easier, we bring you a monthly category spotlight. Here we highlight the most promising apps in each category and how they help fulfill specific business needs. 

This month, we drill into the Payments, Accounting and Billing section on Freshsales Marketplace.

Freshsales Marketplace

How These Apps Can Help Drive Your Business

A significant benefit of CRM is getting all teams in your business on the same page by providing a complete overview of every client. If your business relies on an accounting software to handle payments, you may face a communication gap with disconnected sales and accounting. This is where payments and billing integrations come in. 

Integrating Freshsales with an accounting app brings all your customer and accounting data into one interface. This way, you have a clean and organized view of customer financial information without ever leaving Freshsales. With immediate access to open balances, payments, orders, subscriptions, and invoices, you can prevent payment delays, accelerate deals, and estimate future orders. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the more popular apps on the Payments, Accounting And Billing category

1) Manage Payments And Invoices With Xero

View all open and paid invoices of a lead or a contact under the Xero integration widget. Get a summary of the total outstanding balances in Xero for each account or deal in Freshsales. You can also search for a particular invoice using its ID and filter invoices, and pin essential invoices to the top of your view. 

The integration is available on all paid plans and is currently in beta. To enable this integration, please reach out to support@freshsales.io.

Xero Integration with Freshsales

2) Manage Sales Process And Subscriptions From A Single Page With Zuora

View subscriptions and invoices, get summaries of active/inactive subscriptions of your customers from within Freshsales using Zuora. This integration helps sales reps get context about unpaid invoices right from within Freshsales before they get in contact with customers.

Zuora Integration With Freshsales

3) Bridge The Gap Between Your Accounts And Sales Teams With Chargify

Consolidate all invoices, payments, and subscription-related data into a single page with the Chargify integration. You can filter and search for specific invoices to get context on the payment history of a particular lead/contact. Chargify also gives a summary of total paid and unpaid amount and active/inactive subscriptions for each lead/contact for a better overview of your customer.

Chargify Integration With Freshsales

4) Enable Better Accounting with QuickBooks

Have all accounting data synchronized under one interface. You can also get notifications, search for invoices, filter data based on ID, and get receivable summaries right from inside Freshsales. 

Quick Books Integration for Freshsales


5) Rev Up your Fundraising Processes with Revv

Revv is a robust fundraising and donation platform to help raise more money for your organization. Get real-time information when a new donor joins your organization, a user signs a petition or when donations are made using triggers on Revv. 

Revv Integration With Freshsales Revv integrates with Freshsales using Zapier.

6) Sync customer data into Freshsales with the OpenCart Connector Module

View and manage customer information with the bi-directional sync between Freshsales and OpenCart. Add, edit, and delete customer/order information right from within Freshsales. You can also choose to sync specific order statues into Freshsales for a better context. 

Opencart Integration For Freshsales

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