Introducing Check-in Feature in Freshsales

The most challenging task for any field sales rep is to update the CRM with all their visits during the day. It’s equally challenging for a sales manager to keep track of their sales team’s activities.

Introducing check-in option in mobile apps

The Freshsales mobile app (Android and iOS) now allows you to confirm your presence for a sales activity—like a lunch meeting with a prospect—and keeps your team in the loop as well.

1. Choose the relevant sales activities to enable check-in

Check-in is available only for select sales activities, so look out for them. For instance, a coffee meeting requires a check-in while a LinkedIn message does not.


2. Check in with a tap, without leaving your Freshsales mobile app

Just select a sales activity and tap Check in. You can check in even if the location information is not available—Freshsales only needs your current location.

Freshsales instantly marks you as Checked in.

Your team will also be able to see your status under Recent Activities (on the web app) and Activities (on mobile).

3. [Coming soon] Managers can track their team’s activity

Sales managers will soon be able to create a report based on their team’s check-ins.

Applicable Plans: Estate and higher

Knowledge Base: How to check in for a sales activity