Why should you make the switch to Freshmarketer right away?


Intuitive and beginner-friendly 

When you make a software investment, you don’t want to be investing extra effort and time in setting up and running a clunky software. The tool you pick you should be intuitive and user-friendly.

Time and again, new Drip users find it hard to use complex features without prior programming knowledge. Expect no less than a  beginner-friendly experience with Freshmarketer!

Real-time reporting

We understand most businesses online, prefer receiving their data reports in real-time so that it is available virtually immediately. Freshmarketer delivers super accurate and instantaneous reports that are powered by Freshreports.

When your marketing automation software lets you create automated journeys and email campaigns, it’s only fair you generate reports for both. Freshmarketer has reporting options that are detailed and rich for every campaign or journey you create. You could even customize it to your likeness!


Dedicated email campaign feature

Email campaigns play a huge role in the success of a marketing automation tool. With Autopilot, it’s only possible to create/edit/send emails via automated journeys. If you would like to send elegant emails on the go without initiating a customer journey, Freshmarketer’s dedicated email campaign feature comes in handy.

Doesn’t this sound like you could get your work done in a jiffy?

Making the most of your tool

Having a tool with all the right features to automate marketing is one thing, but accessing them with ease and reaping maximum benefits is what gets marketers going. Autopilot doesn't offer a simple and effective user experience.

Freshmarketers get hooked to marketing automation with its sleek design and responsive user interface. Beginners find it very easy to set up experiments and get them running quickly.


Expert help at your service 

Autopilot does not come with a promising support system. You would have to purchase the pricey support packages to receive expert opinions or personalized help through the phone.

On the bright side, Freshmarketer ensures its support channels include email, chat, and phone to help you irrespective of the plan that you may be in. We also have marketing automation experts on our customer service team to help you get the best out of Freshmarketer.


Feature Comparison

Here's how Freshmarketer fares against Autopilot

Event Based Segmentation
Drag and drop workflow builder
Dedicated Email Campaigns
Workflow templates
Contact field based delays
Drag and drop email builder
Extensive email templates
Smooth UI navigation
Phone support

Pricing Comparison

Pay for quality software; support is on the house.





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Free Personalized Support













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Custom plan


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