Top 5 ways Freshmarketer beats Constant Contact

A complete marketing automation tool

Constant Contact primarily focuses on email campaigns. Essential features like workflow automation and web form tracking aren’t present.
Freshmarketer, on the other hand, has all the features for marketing, built-in. It helps you capture leads, engage with your customers via emails, and foster better communication between your sales and marketing teams. Built for marketers, it helps them design and deliver beautiful email campaigns, set up automated campaigns, and personalize them at scale.

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Powerful automation with journeys

Constant Contact's 'automated series' confines marketers to settle for monotonous welcome emails or anniversary campaigns. On the bright side, with Freshmarketer's journeys, visually create drip campaigns, autoresponders, and comprehensive workflows, to engage customers at any point in their lifecycle. It could be for lead nurturing, customer onboarding, customer retention, and so forth. 
Select from a wide range of triggers, actions, controls, and delays to craft well-timed journeys for your audience. 

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Comprehensive behavior-based marketing

Constant Contact can not track user activities on the web. It registers email engagement like clicks, opens, delivered, unsubscribes, etc. But, it's impossible to send emails via Constant Contact, which are triggered by users' actions on your website. Without behavioral tracking, you can not fully leverage the power of automation.  

With Freshmarketer, analyze contacts' behavior based on the pages they have visited on your site or the forms that they have submitted apart from tracking email campaign-specific actions. For example, you can send a follow-up email to contacts who played a feature video or downloaded an e-book on your website.

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Advanced segmentation to drive personalized engagement

One of the best practices of email marketing is to perform contact segmentation. Although Constant Contact lets you create segments based on contact attributes and email engagement, Freshmarketer is several steps ahead. Apart from the standard email activity-based segmentation, you can also build smart segments and filter contacts by website behavior, UTM parameters, and custom events that span over time, to drive personalized engagement. 

Also, define granular segments using AND/OR operations to create endless combinations of segmenting criteria to target your customers better.

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Robust web-form tracking

Webforms are intrinsic to email marketing automation systems. Unfortunately, Constant Contact doesn't have web form tracking capability.
Instead of integrating with costly third-party software for this, Freshmarketer has it built-in and accessible at zero added costs.
It is supremely simple to use and does not require the intervention of your development team.

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Freshamarketer vs. Constant Contact


Feature List




Bulk emails
Drag and drop email builder
Email template library
Time-zoned based email scheduling
Device-based email preview
Subject-line A/B testing
Customization of unsubscribe link
Email engagement reporting
Visual workflow builder
Webform tracking
Workflow analysis and reporting
Workflow templates library
UTM parameters tracking
Custom contact fields limit





Event store for segmentation
Chat support
Phone support

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Starts at $30

Starts at $55

Starts at $49

Note: Data as of October 2019.

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