Why Freshmarketer is the best Constant Contact alternative?

Intuitive Interface

Build emails within minutes using Freshmarketer’s fast and easy-to-use interface.

Free for beginners

After taking Freshmarketer for a spin, you can start with the Sprout plan, forever free.

Multiple Languages

The Freshmarketer dashboard experience comes in 11 languages.

How is Freshmarketer a better alternative to Constant contact?

Easiest email builder

Constant contact has been around since 1995 (25 years) and was among the first software with an email builder. It made life super easy for a lot of email marketers. Today, marketers want stunning futuristic templates and flexibility to create beautiful emails. 

Freshmarketer’s visual drag-and-drop builder makes it possible to set-up creative and responsive emails. You can choose from 100s of creative and colorful templates too.


Customer behavior tracking

Today, every email recipient wants to receive personalized emails. A one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past. With constant contact, you cannot send emails based on users’ actions on your website. 

With Freshmarketer’s custom events feature, you can send emails and create workflows triggered by the actions of your users, and seize every conversion opportunity. 


Understand your audience better

Constant Contact lets you create segments based on contact attributes and email engagement, but you can know a lot more about your subscribers with Freshmarketer. 

Apart from the standard email-activity based segmentation, you can also build smart segments and filter contacts based on website behavior, custom events, journey status, etc.

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Advanced marketing automation

You can set automated series like welcome emails or anniversary campaigns with Constant Contact, but email marketers need a lot more complex automation. 

Use Freshmarketer’s Customer journey’s to create drip campaigns, autoresponders, and comprehensive workflows to engage customers at any point in their lifecycle.


Convert website visitors into customers

To learn more about your contacts, you need to know what they do on your website, which forms they submit, and track every click and scroll. Constant Contact doesn't give you this information. 

With Conversion rate optimization, you can use Freshmarketer to analyze visitor behavior using heatmaps, optimize your web pages for a better experience, conduct polls, and provide a personalized experience to different visitor segments.

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Freshmarketer Vs Constant Contact

An in-depth analysis of how Freshmarketer's robust features fair against Constant Contact.

Email Marketing

Create beautiful email campaigns from scratch or choose from hundreds of templates, and communicate with all your prospects and customers.

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Bulk emails
Drag-and-drop email builder
Create simple text email
Choose built-in email templates
Send emails to all contacts
Upload HTML emails
Email engagement tracking
Email reply tracking
Time-zone based email scheduling
Email scheduling
Multiple footers
Customization of unsubscribe link

Marketing Automation

Empower your email marketers with comprehensive automation. Engage, nurture, and delight your contacts with the utmost ease.

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Visual workflow builder
Workflow live view
Time-based automation
Page view-based automation
Form submission-based automation
Email activity-based automation
Multiple triggers
Journey branching based on conditions
Workflow template library
Advanced Behavior-based automation
Offline event tracking

Email Contact Management

Segment your contacts with smart lists based on behavioral segments, and manage your master record of all your contacts in one place.

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Contact profile view
Cookie-based contact tracking
IP contact-based tracking
Bulk import
Contact segmentation
Page-view based segmentation
Email engagement-based segmentation
Event-based segmentation
Journey status-based segmentation
Form-submission based segmentation

Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimize website and analyze visitors’ behavior on your website, and provide a more personalized website experience to your potential customers.

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Website A/B testing
Website personalization
Session replay
Funnel analytics
Form analytics
Split URL testing

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze data and important metrics to improve your email campaign performance. Curate reports and create custom dashboards easily.

Email campaign analytics
Journey performance analytics
Curated reports
Filtered analytics view
Custom dashboards

CRM Integration

For more productivity, it's imperative that your marketing and sales teams are aligned. With Freshmarketer, you can integrate with Freshsales and manage your leads in real-time.

Native CRM integration

Note: Data as of March 2020

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