Uncover 8 reasons to re-assess ConvertKit 

More than just a tool for the bloggers

ConvertKit is a well-known email marketing platform, for the bloggers atleast. It's sufficient for small and medium businesses attempting to grow their subscriber list and engage their audience with simple emails through basic workflow automation. 
If your profession happens to involve much more than just content creation, you should be aware by now that you have better alternatives to ConvertKit.

Freshmarketer is a flagship product by Freshworks hat helps you capture leads, engage with your customers via emails, and foster better communication between your sales and marketing teams. Built for marketers, it helps them design and deliver beautiful emails, set up automated campaigns, and personalize them at scale.


Transcending primitive automation capabilities

Here are some problems you might face in ConvertKit:

  • Email formatting issues 
  • Outdated email templates
  • Lack of drag and drop functionality 
  • Absence of lead scoring
  • Hard to track lead-to-form conversions, etc.

On the bright side, Freshmarketer surmounts these issues with modern marketing automation capabilities.  

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Smart segmentation to drive personalized engagement

One of the best practices of email marketing is to perform contact segmentation. Although ConvertKit lets you create segments based on contact attributes and email engagement, Freshmarketer is several miles ahead. Apart from the standard email activity-based segmentation, you can also build smart segments and filter contacts by website behavior, UTM parameters, and custom events that span over time, to drive personalized engagement. 

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Comprehensive behavior-based marketing

ConvertKit can not track user activities on the web. It registers email engagement like clicks, opens, delivered, unsubscribes, etc. But, it's impossible to send emails that are triggered by users' actions on your website. Without behavioral tracking, you can not fully leverage the power of automation.  

However, Freshmarketer analyzes subscribers' behavior based on the pages they have visited on your site or the forms that they have submitted apart from tracking email campaign-specific actions. For instance, you can send a follow-up email to contacts who played a feature video or downloaded an e-book on your website. 

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website activity tracking website activity tracking

Seamless sync with Freshsales CRM

Freshmarketer provides real-time contact and activity sync with Freshsales. This means that apart from contact details you could also push contact activity from Freshsales to Freshmarketer and vice versa.

This would ensure that both sales and marketing have a unified view of every single contact in the system.

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Data-driven marketing with advanced reporting

ConvertKit users are confined to limited reporting dashboards. Data-driven marketers may find this futile.

Freshmarketer, on the other hand, has robust reporting capabilities. Reporting dashboards are available for individual email campaigns, marketing automation journeys, and CRO experiments. These reports can be filtered, customized, and exported to your liking.




Expert help at your service!

Since the ConvertKit crew is reasonably small, essential support channels like live chat and phone aren't available.  Emails and direct messages are your best options to solve any support queries.

For expert and personalized care, Freshmarketer has a reliable support team that can be contacted over email, chat, and phone. They operate 24x5 to answer your queries irrespective of the plan you subscribe to. Freshmarketer too has concierge migration to ensure customers have a smooth transition from other tools at no added costs.

premium support premium support


Efficient conversion rate optimization

Apart from sending out email campaigns, Freshmarketer can also help you with website optimization. With robust features like heatmaps, A/B testing, session replay, and more, it is truly the solution for your company’s marketing needs.

With the entire package, marketers get the upper-hand while attracting quality leads and nurturing these leads through email marketing.

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conversion 2x conversion 2x

Freshmarketer vs. ConvertKit

A detailed feature comparison

Feature List
Email broadcasts
Drag and drop email builder
Send to multiple lists/segments
Email template library
Send test emails
Email preference subscription center
Time-zoned based email scheduling
Workflow automations
Drag and drop journey builder
Webform live view
Workflow template library
Website tracking
Webform tracking
Form builder
Custom events store
Subscriber segmentation
API support
Concierge migration
Live chat support
EMail support
Email support
Landing page builder
Conversion rate optimization suite

Note: Data as of November 2019.

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