Reap the benefits of a fully integrated CRO suite

Though session replays are great to start your optimization journey with, using them alone cannot guarantee higher conversions. Session Replay is just one part of the conversion optimization puzzle. 

An integrated CRO suite can boost your marketing team’s productivity by leaps and bounds. Freshmarketer does just that by providing an all-in-one conversion optimization platform with power packed features like dynamic heat maps, A/B testing, funnel analysis and form analytics and more. Solve all your conversion woes at one place without juggling between multiple tools. 

Session replays beyond website optimization

Why limit your session recordings to learn about your website visitors only? Wouldn’t it be great if you could see how your customers or prospects use your product via session recordings? 

With Freshmarketer, use session replays with your helpdesk to close your tickets faster, by identifying the exact thing that went wrong for your customers. Accelerate your sales process by optimizing your lead’s journey while providing the experience they desire. Freshmarketer integrates seamlessly with Freshworks suite of products to help you acquire, convert, engage and support your customers.

Powerful heatmaps for dynamic websites

Freshmarketer’s heatmap can do more than just gauging visitor clicks on your website. You can understand how far your visitors have hovered and scrolled on your site area. Viewing heat maps across various devices, segmenting your audience and providing integrated heat maps for your A/B experiments make Freshmarketer’s heat maps stand out from that of its rivals. Oh and let’s not forget about its support for your website’s dynamic elements like popups, overlays, dropdowns and more.

Customer champions for your wins

Our support champs work tirelessly to assist you with all your product related queries right from setting Freshmarketer up to making the most out of it. We also have our in-house CRO experts in our customer success team to guide you in your experiments and help you achieve higher conversions. We work around the clock and are available over phone, chat, and email. Did we also mention that you don’t have to pay anything for support?

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