Here’s why you should pick Freshmarketer over GetResponse

More than just an e-commerce tool

If you haven’t noticed it already, then here’s an eyeopener - most of GetResponse’s features and functions were built for the e-commerce industry. E-commerce use cases are what is given most prominence in its workflow builder, website tracking functionality, email campaigns, and segmentation.

If you are looking for software that solves marketing problems irrespective of the industry, Freshmarketer is your go-to tool.

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Unique challenges meet a unique product

GetResponse evolved from a simple autoresponder service to a bloated marketing automation tool with an in-built CRM.  Bundling them might make GetResponse affordable if you initially planned to purchase all of them separately. But any marketer worth his salt knows that all of these tools solve beastly use-cases, much beyond the purview of any bundled all-in-one software. 

Freshworks understood this point, which is why it built Freshmarketer for marketing automation and Freshsales for CRM. Both of them affordably priced but meant to handle far complex use-cases.


Super easy to use

Time and again, GetResponse users complain that it’s not the most user-friendly tool. This is understandable considering that GetResponse is bloated with features you might not even use.  Secondly, since it’s older in the market, some of its modules are untouched by any recent development. For instance, it’s WYSIWYG email editor is needlessly complex and rigid to use. 

When you make a software investment, it should be inherently intuitive and responsive and that’s what Freshmarketer is all about. Beginners find it very easy to use Freshmarketer and become a pro at it in no time!


Advanced segmentation to drive personalized engagement

Marketers today strive to run highly targeted and personalized campaigns, and this wouldn’t be possible without contact segmentation. GetResponse’s segmentation capabilities have limited scope. You are confined to segmenting contacts based on their attributes and email engagement.

Freshmarketer’s segmentation capabilities, on the other hand, has no limitation on how granular you can go while creating a segment. Build smart segments based on contacts’ data and website behavior, UTM parameters, and custom events that span over time, to drive personalized engagement. Go on to define granular segments using AND/OR operations to create endless combinations of segmenting criteria to target your customers better.

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World-class Support

Based on reviews online, GetResponse customers seem unhappy with the slow response times. Since their support personnel operates out of the Northern Hemisphere, it can be challenging to reach them over live chat if you aren’t in the same time zone. Also, Phone support was discarded for all plans except Enterprise.

 Freshmarketer has a star support team —not chatbots. We operate 24*5 across email/ chat/phone channels, and this means you can contact us at almost any time, regardless of where you’re located.


premium support premium support

Advanced Reporting

GetResponse customers may compromise on its usability. But when it comes to reporting and analytics, data-driven marketers seem to experience multiple complications. Some customers have reported issues regarding inaccurate reporting and trouble pulling reports.

Freshmarketer has robust reporting capabilities. Reporting dashboards are available for individual email campaigns, marketing automation journeys, and CRO experiments. These reports can be filtered, customized, and exported to your liking.


Freshmarketer vs. GetResponse


Feature List
Bulk emails
Drag and drop email builder
Email template library
Time-zoned based email scheduling
Mailing list management
Email subscription preference center
Customization of unsubscribe link
Automation workflows
Visual workflow builder
User behavior-based automation
Workflow templates library
Drip campaigns
Webform tracking

Third-part integration required

In-built feature

Webform tracking

Third-part integration required

In-built feature

Website tracking

Only available in the higher plans

Custom event tracking

Only available in higher plans

User limit



Dedicated account manager

Only in Enterprise

Available in all plans

Live chat support
Phone support

Only in Enterprise plan

Available for all plans

Note: Data as of October 2019.

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