Here's why Freshmarketer is better

There’s more to conversion optimization than A/B testing

Launching A/B experiments alone will not improve your conversion rates. To get started with A/B testing, you should know what your visitors do on your website, where they drop-off and why they do. These insights will help you come up with a meaningful hypothesis to start testing and provide optimized experiences for your web user.

In this way, Google Optimize is not suited for a CRO power user. It focuses only on A/B testing and does nothing to glean actionable insights on the behavior of your website visitors.

fm go benefits of cro one half fm go benefits of cro one half

No limits on your A/B experiments

Freshmarketer’s super intuitive interface lets you create A/B experiments in a jiffy. It facilitates greater control over your tests by allowing you to pause or relaunch your A/B experiments and scheduling experiments to happen at your preferred time. You also get to run as many concurrent experiments based on your requirements without any limitations, unlike Google Optimize. Also, if multi-page experiments are your forte, Google Optimize cannot help you with that.

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Seamless integration with your business tools

Apart from integrating with your CMS tools like Wordpress, Drupal, etc. and analytics tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Adobe, etc., Freshmarketer also integrates impeccably Freshworks suite of products to help your business deliver hassle-free experiences for your customers throughout their journey, right from a website visitor to a super fan of your product or service.

Gain more context for your customer support with Freshdesk integration, speed up your sales process with Freshsales integration and engage with your customers better with Freshchat integration.

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Save up on your marketing budget

If you’re an enterprise with a comprehensive testing program, you would probably be shelling out more money on Google Optimize 360. The free plan may not work for you and the paid plan, well; let’s just say that if you are okay with spending a fortune on an A/B testing tool, Optimize would be better for you. If you’re an SMB, you might need more than just the free plan that can support a limited number of goals and experiments. 

Freshmarketer, on the other hand, provides no such restriction on your tests or goals. Its pricing is transparent and affordable, plus you get to pay based on your visitor count and not on the number of sessions.

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Expert help at your service


We know you’d appreciate some extra help, especially if you have just ventured into the conversion playground. Not only are our support agents available 24/5 via phone, chat and email support, we also have dedicated CRO experts in our customer success team.

Hit us up with questions on our product, or your experiments. Let’s get your conversion rates amplified!

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Freshmarketer Vs. Google Optimize 360 - Which is better?

A/B Testing

Freshmarketer’s A/B testing fares better than that of Google Optimize by allowing you to set multiple goal metrics and run as many experiments that you want. You can also import goals from Google Analytics and set up heat maps on your experiment pages to understand your website visitor interaction.

Chrome Plugin
Experiment scheduler (schedule tests to start & stop at a specific time)
Shareable test reports
Analytics goals for testing
Unlimited projects / Subaccounts
Multivariate experiments

Split URL testing

With Freshmarketer, you can test multiple pages hosted on different URLs to identify the ones that work for you. You can also set up integrated heat maps on all your experiment pages and identify the source of traffic on your variation pages.

Split URL tests
Multi-page tests


Freshmarketer helps you provide personalized experiences for your website visitors. With advanced targeting features, real-time reports and proactive previews, wow your audience by giving them what they want at the right time.

Geo targeting
Use of non-analytics goals
Access to Google Analytics audience segments


Before starting your A/B tests, Freshmarketer renders profound insights on what to test on your web pages with heat maps. These heat maps are dynamic and capture your visitor’s interaction on every part of your website.


Session Replay

Freshmarketer’s session replay provides inputs for your A/B tests by identifying what a visitor does on your website. They also validate your A/B tests by letting you know if your experiments worked

Session Replay

Form Analysis

Forms in your websites facilitate conversions. It is also the place where maximum drop-offs happen. Freshmarketer’s advanced form analytics feature helps you iterate your forms according to your visitors’ preferences to achieve higher conversions.

Form Analytics

Funnel Analysis

Freshmarketer lets you create funnels that maps your visitor journey. You can experiment with different funnels by reordering, to identify the one that best works for your website and results in improved conversions.

Funnel Analytics

Polls & Feedback

Freshmarketer’s polls and feedback functionality helps you engage with your website visitors, understand their preferences and optimize your web pages accordingly. The data obtained from this feature can serve as great inputs for your A/B experiments.

Polls and Feedback

Transparent & affordable pricing

Do more with Freshmarketer without spending a fortune

Feature List

Starts at $99/month

Starts at >$150000/year

A/B testing
Split URL testing
Session replay
Form analytics
Funnel analysis
Polls & Feedback

Note: Data as of October 2018.