Here’s why you shouldn’t get trapped in a jar

Move on to dynamic heatmaps

Did you know that you can track clicks and scrolls for even the dynamic elements in your website like sliders and drop-downs? Yes, with Freshmarketer, your heatmaps get even more advanced. This means you can generate dynamic live heatmaps report, instead of viewing them in snapshots.

real time variations 2x real time variations 2x

Get deeper insights of diverse visitor segments.

Segment the results of your experiments with help of filters to acquire deeper insights about a specific category of your website visitors. You can also track recording of a specific visitor category as well. Create up to 23 unique custom audience segments.

deeper insights 2x deeper insights 2x

Add A/B testing tool to your CRO hub

Using two or more tools for the same purpose is downright confusing and also expensive. Why use different tools for Heatmaps and A/B testing when you can do both with Freshmarketer? Freshmarketer’s A/B testing feature is as good as it gets. Also, try out our visual editor that’s simple and easy to use.

targeting and segmentation scr 2x targeting and segmentation scr 2x

Make your job easier with a Chrome extension

Create experiments in just minutes with Freshmarketer’s Chrome extension. You can easily manage your experiments with one click right from your browser. Edit web pages without much help from your tech team! Isn’t that lovely?

chrome extension 2x chrome extension 2x

Pay per visitor instead of views.

With Freshmarketer, you’ll be accounted only for unique visitors instead of page views. Say, a user visits your website 10 times in a month, Freshmarketer considers it as 1 unique visit, while others would consider it as 10 visits(Pageviews). Now, you can do the math and figure out how much you would be saving.

pay fair illustration 2x pay fair illustration 2x

Take a look at the comparison table and see what’s missing in the jar


Freshmarketer’s heatmaps give you a visual interpretation of your visitors’ behaviour on the website. You can also easily track clicks for the dynamic elements on your website as well.

View clicks and scrolls
View in mobile and tablet version
Track dynamic elements

Session Replay

Target and record sessions of your visitors based on multiple audience segments. You no longer have to deal with thousands of visitor recordings for deriving meaningful insights. With Freshmarketer’s audience targeting and filtering options, you can easily categorize your visitor recordings into different user types.

Record sessions for targeted audience.
Filter list of visitor recordings
Record sessions for all type of devices

Form Analysis

Find out why all your visitors don’t fill out the sign up form or registration form. Do a form analysis to optimize your web forms to increase website conversions. Measure hesitation time, abandonment rate, drop-off, time spent on the form, correction rate and much more.

Hesitation time report
Drop off report
Refill report
Tracking multiple and dynamic forms from one page


Provide personalized experiences with custom audience segments with tailor-made web content for complex target audience using logical operations, only with Freshmarketer. You can create up to 23 unique customer segments.

Create personalized experience
Create experience specific reports

A/B Testing

Compare and analyze different version of web pages and see which version is performing better. Any web page can be easily edited with Freshmarketer’s visual editor and Chrome extension without much technical expertise.

A/B testing
Visual editor

Split URL testing

Test and find out which of your design layout brings more conversions. Heatmaps comes along for every variation of split URL test. Fuel up the conversion data with visualizations of popular hotspots.

Split URL testing

Polls and feedback

While heatmaps, visitor recordings and form analysis help understand visitor behaviour, there certain questions that’s best asked to your customer directly. With Freshmarketer, you can also conduct polls on your website and receive feedback.

Customizable widget
Customizable widget

Pay per visitor and not pageviews

With freshmarketer, you’ll be paying based on unique visitors and not pageviews. Because that’s only fair.

Feature List

Billed annually

50,000 unique



Billed annually

50,000 page


Session Replay
Funnel Analysis
Form Analysis
Forms and Feedback
Split URL Testing
A/B testing
Chrome Extension

Note: Data as on January, 2018

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