Here’s why you should switch from Marketo to Freshmarketer

Uncomplicated implementation  

Being an enterprise-focused tool, Marketo entails a complicated set-up process. You will be obliged to invest in an implementation program, the cost of which is not included in your subscription fee. Moreover, getting it running can be frustrating if your organization doesn't have a dedicated IT staff for assistance. On average, the timeframe to roll-out Marketo for enterprises could be anywhere between 3 to 9 months, depending on the size of their marketing org.

With Freshmarketer, you could simply sign-up for it and it will be all yours in less than 2 minutes! Of course, shifting from sophisticated tools like Marketo to Freshmarketer would take a lot of effort but you wouldn't have to break into a sweat. We help you migrate your contact database and set up marketing activities which include emails, forms, custom events, and workflows at no added costs.

fm relationship fm relationship

A user experience that isn't exhausting

As a result of Marketo's clunky user interface, its new users endure a steep learning curve. It is especially challenging for those with limited automation experience to get accustomed. Since Marketo is a significantly convoluted tool, it cannot be simply picked up without extensive training. However, the subscription fee doesn't include the cost of training your teams.

With a modern and intuitive tool like Freshmarketer,  your marketing teams wouldn't need any training to use it effectively. It's straightforward to use and navigate and requires minimum effort from its first-time users. 

So, you can save on training costs and boost your team's efficiency.


Advanced reporting for the modern marketer

For more than a decade, Marketo has been renownedly used by data-driven marketers to extract extensive reports.  That being said, today, its reporting capabilities are being challenged by contemporary marketing tools. The tool consumes a longer time to produce reports that you should be able to create in the click of a button. Even if you wanted to create custom reports, you would have to go through tedious documentation.

In contrast to Marketo, Freshmarketer's robust reporting functionality lets you build custom reports and dashboards to measure customer engagement, your emails' performance, lead conversions, and more. Unlike Marketo, Freshmarketer reports are updated in real-time and can be scheduled to be sent to your inbox. 


Seamless integrations

Marketo has native integrations for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as non-native CRM integrations like Netsuite and SAP. Apart from them being costly options, remember, with Marketo, these integrations will also consume more of your time and effort.

Freshmarketer belongs to the Freshworks suite of products which strives to unify your sales, support, and marketing platforms, so your teams can deliver moments that wow their customers. You can seamlessly integrate Freshmarketer with Freshsales to close deals faster and Freshdesk to retain your customers with support. More importantly, setting up these integrations require minimum effort and investment.


The best fit for SMBs and mid-market enterprises alike

Software that’s easy-to-use doesn’t necessarily mean it's only for small organizations. The simpler we make things, the more value our customers get. Shift to intelligent marketing that's designed for the modern marketer.  No consultants and no engineers needed.

Unlike the enterprise-focused Marketo, Freshmarketer is a cost-effective solution for small and large businesses alike. Small businesses grow into big businesses with us. And big businesses choose us for our flexibility, scalability, and extensibility. And, that's a Freshmarketer promise.

a tool that serves all industries uniformly a tool that serves all industries uniformly


Efficient conversion rate optimization

Apart from sending email campaigns, Freshmarketer can also help you with website optimization. With robust features like heatmaps, A/B testing, session replay, and more, it is truly the solution for your company’s marketing needs.

With the entire package, marketers get the upper-hand while attracting quality leads and nurturing these leads through email marketing.

Learn more about conversion rate optimization →  

conversion 2x conversion 2x

Complimentary world-class support 

Only Marketo's online support is free. You would have to purchase one of their paid support packages before you could get in touch with them alternatively. And considering how complex Marketo is, it's highly recommended to endorse one of them on subscription. Unfortunately, the base price will not cover the cost of the support plan you pick.

On the contrary, Freshmarketer has a star support team. We operate 24*5 across email/ chat/phone channels, and this means you can contact us at almost any time. Most importantly, you won’t be charged for the support. It's on the house!

premium support premium support

Freshmarketer vs. Marketo

A snapshot 

Feature compare
Email marketing
Automated workflows
Nurturing & lead scoring
Form tracking
CRM integration
Website activity tracking
Monthly subscription for 10k contacts

Starts at $895/month

Starts at $291/month

Data as on December, 2019.

 Pick a tool that doesn't exhaust your marketing budget


For a minimum of 10k contacts per month, Marketo has three pricing tiers:

  • Spark - Starts at $895
  • Standard - Starts at $1795
  • Select - Starts at $3195

Enterprises:  Marketo subscription can cost you anywhere between $30k to $70k per year, making it one of the most expensive options, even at the enterprise level.

SMBs: The total fee for SMBs seeking a basic configuration can amount to $12K a year for just 10,00 contacts.

And, the installation, customization, training, and support costs are over and above the subscription costs.

honest pricing honest pricing


Freshmarketer has a forever FREE plan and a 21-day trial period.

Take a look at Freshmarketer's flexible and scalable pricing, here.

To cut to the chase, if you have a subscription for 10k Freshmarketer contacts,  you are billed less than $4000 for an entire year!

Topping it all off, the subscription fee is inclusive of migration, implementation, and support!

straightforward pricing straightforward pricing
Transparent and affordable pricing

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