The complete CRO suite built for growing SMBs

Freshmarketer is exclusively built for growing SMBs for increasing website conversions with a simple yet powerful tool that’s not too expensive. Freshmarketer is an all-in-one conversion optimization tool with which you can analyze visitor behavior, optimize web pages, engage with visitors and personalize their experience for better conversion rates.

A/B Testing
Chrome extension
Visual editor
Integrated Heatmaps
Split URL testing
Split testing with integrated Heatmaps
Dynamic heatmaps
Session Replay
Form Analysis
Polls and feedback
Funnel Analysis

24/5 support (Email, Chat and Phone)

Limited support

Top 5 reasons why Freshmarketer is the best Alternative to Optimizely

Conversion optimization is not all about A/B testing

It’s only logical to first start with analyzing visitor behavior, before jumping to optimization. Freshmarketer’s heatmaps, session replay, funnel and form analysis features provides you with meaningful insights on how visitors interact with your website and where exactly they’re dropping off. This gives a better context and direction on how to optimize your web pages as well. You can also get direct feedback from your visitors like having an exit poll on your website. For all this, you need an all-in-one conversion optimization tool like Freshmarketer.

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Simplify A/B testing with a Chrome Extension

With Freshmarketer’s industry-first chrome extension, you can easily edit web pages without much technical expertise, optimize pages beyond login screens and even for gated content as well. But if you’re loading your pages inside an Iframe, you can’t enjoy these privileges. Especially, If your page has an iframe busting logic, you cannot A/B test it. But it’s important to have a frame breaker for security reasons, because without it, your site/pages will be vulnerable to clickjacking attacks. Try Freshmarketer’s Chrome extension and discover the easy and effective way of doing A/B testing experiments.

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Relish the benefits of an integrated CRO suite

When all the tools are integrated into a single suite, you not only have better control but also get more valuable insights. For instance, in every A/B testing experiment, you can also view the heatmap of all the variations. Similarly, funnel analysis helps you find out the web page with maximum drop off. Now, with Session Replay, you can also view the recordings of such visitors who drop off to further narrow down the reason. So, each feature connects to every phase of the customer journey to give you a complete insight into visitor behavior. You’ll lose out on such insights when you don’t use an all-in-one CRO tool like Freshmarketer.

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24/5 support system that’s highly responsive

It’s always helpful to have a support team that’s just an email or a chat away. With Freshmarketer, you get 24/5 support system through email, chat, and phone along with our exhaustive knowledge base. Regardless of which plan you select, you'll have access to all of our support channels. Our best support isn't just for premium users.

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Conversion optimization can be inexpensive too

Negotiating pricing plans, scanning for hidden charges and signing up for long-term contracts, are all signs of trouble. With Freshmarketer, it’s pretty simple. Just sign up and pay-as-you-go. Freshmarketer’s pricing is not only transparent but also affordable. While our competitors leave a deep hole in your pocket for just running A/B testing experiments, we provide you with one powerful tool that’s loaded with all the features you need to increase your website conversions.

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