How well does Vero fare against Freshmarketer?

Not as much. Here's why.


Flexible email campaigns

Marketers love experimenting and often prefer to tweak the email design, copy, layout, etc., to figure out the one that works the best. Vero offers limited WYSIWYG editing and templates, with no provision to edit layouts, themes, or designs effortlessly. Though you can upload custom HTML templates, the flexibility to modify them isn’t an option.

Meanwhile, Freshmarketer’s email campaigns are highly flexible and easy to design with an intuitive WYSIWYG editor. And with a whole range of templates to choose from, creating design-rich emails would be the least of your concerns.


rigid email campaigns rigid email campaigns


The automation differentiator

Vero’s workflows might seem efficient enough to handle your automation needs. But automation isn’t just about sending emails. With Vero, you can configure workflows only to send messages. But with Freshmarketer’s journeys, you can also make changes to your email lists or update your contacts.

Also, Freshmarketer allows you to add multiple triggers to the same journey so that the same automation can start in multiple ways. This, however, is not possible with workflows in Vero.

the automation differentiator the automation differentiator



Smart segmentation 

The segmentation provided by Freshmarketer supersedes that of Vero. Freshmarketer’s segments are easy to create and takes no time to create and apply them to lists. Vero’s segments, on the other hand, take forever to apply to contacts’ lists. This difficulty would only be aggravated as your list grows.

segmentation lag segmentation lag

Powerful website tracking

Forms are the gateway to growing your customer base. It is only ideal that the leads captured and the subsequent messages that you send out, be present in the same tool. Freshmarketer can track your web forms and trigger email communication to the captured leads automatically, once the journey is set up. Vero does not offer any web form tracking functionality.

website tracking website tracking


If you are building a marketing automation tool for *marketers*, you have to make it easy for them to use. Vero needs a significant contribution from your developers to get it to function smoothly. Whereas, with Freshmarketer, you can get started seamlessly, with no developer dependency.

Apart from being highly developer dependent, the UI and navigation aren’t as smooth as you would expect it to be.

not marketer friendly not marketer friendly

Feature Comparison

                   Here’s why we think Freshmarketer is better

Email campaign builder
Extensive email templates
Email A/B testing
Create Workflows
Multiple trigger support
Web form tracking
Webhook support
Phone support

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