Heatmaps that just works for a dynamic website

Freshmarketer provides a summary of your visitor’s clicks and scrolls with no extra code. Dynamic elements are never missed from our eagle eye shot.

Go beyond traditional heatmaps

Why not heatmaps be interactive when your websites are? Every heatmap click is real-time, so you don’t have to wait hours or days for insights. We track mouse movements on every interactive element of your website with no sampled data.

Scrollmaps and Clickmaps

Want to see how your visitors actually scroll and click on your website? Make decisions on whether the call to action placed at the bottom of the page requires more attention or if your webpage requires any content re-arrangement.

One heatmap. Multiple pages

Get consolidated heatmaps for web pages having same template design (Ex: e-commerce website). Move fluidly within the heatmaps with our accessible interface in seconds.

Heatmaps for variations

Why create two experiments when you can combine A/B testing with heatmaps? Get trustworthy results of clicks to know why your other version is a winner.

Device specific heatmaps

Freshmarketer automatically detects device types and generates appropriate heatmaps for desktop, mobile, and tablet.