The Freshmarketer - Zapier Integration

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Zapier is an automation tool that lets you connect apps and services. With the Freshmarketer Zapier integration, you can now access 1500+ apps, automate your marketing, and improve your productivity. 

A Zap is typically a workflow that helps connect Freshmarketer with the other apps that you require. Whether you want to bring in data into Freshmarketer or export your data to other apps, these zaps can help you. Examples include: Adding leads from Facebook so you can start nurturing them, import contacts from previously saved Google sheets, and more.

Zaps have a trigger condition and an action, based on which they operate. You can literally think of any app that you want to connect with Freshmarketer and get it done via Zaps.

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Getting started with Zapier

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Step 1

Log in to Freshmarketer. Go to Third Party Integrations from the Settings Page

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Step 2

Click the Take me to Zapier button, and you will be directed to the Zapier website.

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Step 3

Login/Signup to Zapier to explore all the possible workflows

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Build your own Freshmarketer Zaps

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