How can the Freshmarketer - Freshsales integration help?

Freshmarketer + Freshsales duo for sales productivity

All your data in one place

Gain greater visibility across your leads’ activities on your website and emails. Track sales and marketing touchpoints and set up a unified data platform.

Better targeting with personalization

With greater visibility into the messaging that your leads are subjected to, craft personalized emails and increase your chances of conversion.

Close more deals

Armed with better context on your leads, you can reach out to the hottest prospects, engage in relevant conversations, and close more deals faster than ever.

What can you do with the integration?

Sync contacts in real-time

Sync email contacts in Freshmarketer with your Freshsales CRM in real-time either unidirectionally or bi-directionally. Track both marketing and sales touch points throughout your customer’s interaction with your brand, right from a visitor to a customer.

Take control of your data

Know the status of your synced data with logs, or easily pause/disconnect the Freshsales sync in Freshmarketer. You also have the flexibility to map only specific details of your contacts to Freshsales CRM with Field Mapping. 

Manage your leads’ privacy

Easily exclude email opt-outs from Freshmarketer or Freshsales to uphold your leads’ data privacy. Keep your CRM clutter-free by automatically removing leads’ who do not want to be contacted.

Add leads to Freshsales automatically

Add contacts to Freshsales CRM, based on their interaction with your email campaign, website, journeys, etc. Create nurture campaigns for leads that aren’t ready to convert, or update deal value, owner, etc. directly from Freshmarketer.