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Simplify your marketing with powerful automation


What can you achieve with marketing automation?

Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads who aren’t ready to buy from you yet. Stay on top of their minds by sending targeted and relevant content via automated emails. Convert leads into qualified leads and pass them on to your sales teams, all without any manual intervention.


Contact Scoring

Identify your leads’ purchase intent based on their behavior - email activity, page visits, events like ebook downloads, cart abandonment, etc. Assign scores based on these activities to qualify them as sales-ready leads, before handing them over to sales.


Sales and Marketing Sync

Enable your sales and marketing to work better by keeping them updated on each other’s activities. Update sales-ready leads to the CRM directly, or send leads who don’t convert back to your marketing team for further nurturing.

sales-marketing sync

Customer Retention

Deepen your customer relationship by adding more value with marketing automation. Share valuable content, upsell, and cross-sell your offerings and foster loyalty by rendering proactive customer service.


Robust features that supplement marketing automation


Web Form Tracking

Capture leads from your website and convert them into contacts. Enrich your leads’ information and nurture them via engaging email campaigns.

Website Tracking

Convert your visitors into contacts, take control of their journey on your website, and engage with them at the right time to improve conversions.

Customer Segmentation

Segment contacts, lists, events or customer activity to deliver automated emails with personalized content that suit your audience preferences.