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What is marketing automation software?


Marketing for any business is comprehensive. Prospects/customers want personal communication, but as you scale, that becomes more and more difficult. That's where a marketing automation software comes in to make the life of marketers easier. 

A marketing automation system streamlines and simplifies most of the time-consuming, repetitive marketing and sales tasks. It's designed to deliver a personalized experience to your prospects and customers alike. The time of tailoring communication manually is long gone. A marketing automation tool can do all of that and more for you. You can streamline lead generation, lead segmentation, nurturing, scoring, customer journey mapping, retention, etc., and stay in touch with prospects throughout their lifecycle.

With Freshmarketer’s marketing automation software, get

An intuitive interface

Automate your marketing communication effortlessly on Freshmarketer’s easy-to-use intuitive interface.

24/5 support

Need help in setting up your campaigns? We have got your back and will guide you throughout.

21-day Free Trial

Start using Freshmarketer, and test and try every feature before you are ready. No commitments. 

Simplify your marketing with powerful automation

Design customer journeys within minutes.


Build extensive customer journeys from scratch to nurture new leads, engage with existing customers, cross-sell, up-sell, win-back churned customers, set autoresponders, with our easy-to-use visual journey builder. Use triggers, actions, controls, and delays to interact with the right person at the right time with the right message.


Choose from existing journey templates


Set up welcome emails, cart abandonment journeys, birthday and anniversary emails, or simple autoresponders with our existing templates. Add more triggers or actions and personalize the journeys as per your requirement.

Automatically nurture your leads


Stay on the top of their mind by sending targeted and relevant content with automated emails. Engage with your leads more and educate them about your business to convert leads into qualified leads, without any manual intervention.


Qualify your leads with lead scoring


Identify your leads’ intent based on their behavior - email activity, page visits, downloads, cart abandonment, etc., and assign scores based on these to qualify them for your sales team.


Align your marketing and sales team


Integrate Freshmarketer with Freshsales in real-time, so that your sales and marketing teams work better by being in sync of each others’ activities. Update sales-ready leads to the CRM directly, or set up journeys to send back the leads that don’t convert for further nurturing.

sales-marketing sync

Retain and delight your customers


Strengthen your relationship with customers by adding more value with marketing automation. Share valuable content, up-sell, cross-sell your offerings, and more. Set automation to keep your customers for life.


Analyze workflow performance in real-time

Use a live-view of the number of leads/customers at every step of the customer journey and monitor what works. Tweak your journeys based on your observations, and optimize the journeys even more.

Configure meticulous automation easily

Time-based automation

Set actions to trigger base time or dates. Be it birthday/anniversary emails, or holiday greetings, automate them all. 

Page-view based automation

Automate communication and segment subscribers based on the pages they have viewed.

Form submission-based automation

As soon as a visitor leaves their information on a form, you can automatically send them welcome emails

Contact-field based automation

Create automations for different fields of information - demographics, age, etc.

Email activity-based automation

Set up follow-up emails based on existing email activity like opens, clicks, replies, non-opens, etc.

Behavior-based automation

Hyperpersonalize your communication with custom events and app/website behavior-based triggers.

Robust features that compliment marketing automation


Conversion optimization

Convert website visitors into contacts by seeing how they interact with your website and optimizing it to improve conversions

Customer Segmentation

Segment contacts on a granular level with unlimited and/or conditions, and understand customers better.

Contact Management

Manage your contacts in one central repository. Create custom contact fields and track contact activity with behavior timelines.

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