What happens when you integrate Freshdesk with Freshmarketer?

Freshmarketer's session replay feature gets integrated with Freshdesk. With every ticket that gets generated in Freshdesk, you can view the customers’ sessions with just one click.


What can you know from Session Replays?


What can you know from Session Replays?

View and replay customers’ sessions

View all the sessions relating to the ticket that’s easily accessible on the right side of the screen.

See pages visited by the customer

Know all the pages visited and knowledge-base articles read before reaching out to support.

Get user information

Get basic information like system and browser type, operating system and even the geographical location of the customer.

Add notes and comments

You can also add notes to the sessions for other support agents for their future reference as well.

Freshdesk + Freshmarketer = Fewer emails and faster resolutions.

Get better context on the issues.

Play the customers’ sessions to get a better understanding of their issues without much probing.

Know what solutions your customers tried.

Session replays also show you the solutions and knowledge-based articles your customers went through before reaching out to support.

Never ask for screenshots or Gifs.

No need to ask for screenshots, Gifs or take remote access of your customers’ system. Instead, replay their sessions to get all the information you need.


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