Grow your online store with powerful automation



How can Freshmarketer help your eCommerce business?

Recover abandoned carts

Bring back customers to your website with powerful automation. Set up journeys that automatically persuade your customers to complete purchases, and reduce your cart abandonment rates.

Targeted promotions that convert better

Stuck with sending the same promotional emails to your audience? Use Freshmarketer to create captivating and personalized campaigns for your different audience segments and watch your conversions improve.

Re-engagement campaigns for customer reactivation

Stay on top of your customers’ minds with re-engagement campaigns. Whether you want to nudge an old customer to buy from you again or clean up your lists for better deliverability, Freshmarketer has you covered.

Boost customer loyalty with retention campaigns

Want repeat purchases and continuous sales from your customers? Automatically run referral campaigns, send relevant discounts, personalize transactional emails to increase your retention rates.

Conversion optimization for website conversions

Boost conversions from your E-commerce website with Freshmarketer’s conversion optimization suite. Easily analyze visitor behavior, run experiments, and personalize your website for your different visitor segments.

Everything you need for eCommerce marketing automation

Website Tracking

Get to know what people are doing on your website, track events like cart abandonment, failed purchases, etc. and run targeted offers.

Journey Templates

Skip the hassle of setting up customer journeys for your online store. Choose from the readily available templates and get your automation running in no time.

Customer Segmentation

Achieve laser-precise targeting by creating well-defined customer segments based on your different audience attributes like demography, behavior, etc.

Form Tracking

Convert your website visitors into leads by capturing their information. Analyze your forms’ performance or set up automated journeys easily with Freshmarketer.


Provide the highest level of personalization for your customers on your website and emails, and watch your conversions increase manifold.