Here’s how Freshmarketer’s features fare against VWO


With Freshmarketer’s heatmaps, gain more visibility into your visitors’ interaction with your web pages. Track scrolls and clicks on your web pages including your dynamic elements like sliders, dropdowns and get accurate heatmaps in real time.

Dynamic heatmaps
Segment heatmaps data
Trigger a heatmap experiment through code
Unsampled heatmap data

Session Replay

It can be overwhelming to look at numerous session recordings and arrive at meaningful interpretations. With powerful segmentation capabilities, you can target and record sessions for a particular audience segment. Freshmarketer’s session replay is built with advanced filters that let you filter visitor sessions based on many factors like traffic, devices, browsers, web pages and more.

Targeting in session replay
Advanced filtering in session replay

A/B Testing

Freshmarketer’s robust A/B testing feature facilitates easy creation of your variation pages, setting goals and achieving statistical significance for your experiments. You can also import your goals from Google Analytics, create targeted tests and view heatmaps of your original and variation pages.

Edit dynamic web pages easily
Heatmap integration for tests
JS code execution
Programmatically control A/B testing
Import goals from Google Analytics
Target experiments based on custom attributes

Split Testing

Now you can test multiple pages with similar designs to identify the better-converting ones. With native heatmap integration, visualize user interaction for all your variation pages.

Integrated heatmaps
Support for complex patterns

Funnel Analysis

Setup dynamic funnels for your website to understand visitor interaction with popups or overlays, locate where your visitors drop-off in your pages and map visitor journey in your site with Freshmarketer.

Filter funnels
Funnel reports
Re-order funnels
Segmenting funnels
Support for single page apps

Form Analytics

Optimize your web forms with Freshmarketer to gain maximum conversions. Know how your visitors interact with your forms, where they hesitate and gauge their difficulty in filling them up to provide a seamless experience.

Visitor segments in forms
Support for modern forms
Track same forms on multiple pages


Launch kickass personalized campaigns with advanced targeting features. Deliver customized experiences consistently for your audience and generate real-time reports with Freshmarketer.

“True personalize” instead of bucketing* the user

Note: bucketing* - VWO provides personalization via bucketing the visitors into different categories. 
Once a user is bucketed, it is impossible to make changes when he switches categories. 
Bucketing can stand in the way of providing true personalized experiences.

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