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What is Freshworks Analytics? 

The big picture

Derive actionable insights, across the customer lifecycle, and not just
from select user touchpoints.

Bespoke insights

Custom reporting for bespoke requirements because your business is like no other
and no one-size-fits-all.

Analytics for everyone

No coding, querying, math or training required. Your team can just jump right in
and get cracking from day one.

Coming Soon!

Unified Analytics 

With Freshworks Analytics, you can

Stay on top of your team’s performance 

Why pay for gold when you can mine it? Use Freshworks Analytics, in your favorite products, to get insights about your team, their performance, and the customer journey so that you can optimize your processes, become more efficient, and win customers for life. 

freshworks analytics team performance freshworks analytics team performance



Build reports as you please

Create custom reports that work for your business goals, with Freshworks Analytics. You can track all the metrics that matter to you and make sure that they’re available to any decision-makers who need them. Curated, out-of-the-box, reports are available to help decision-makers get started on the metrics they want to measure. 

freshworks analytics customer lifecycle freshworks analytics customer lifecycle



Dive into data science, without the data scientists

Freshworks Analytics is for everyone, not just data analysts or people who are good with numbers. You do not need to take a MySQL or Python or Microsoft Excel course to get started or hire a consultant to make sense of the data and get the job done. You can just jump in and start creating reports right away.

freshworks analytics data for everyone freshworks analytics data for everyone

Putting the insights in sight