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Why medical institutions need a healthcare CRM

When you say ‘healthcare’, you hear ‘trust’.

But a typical day in healthcare institutions is unpredictable. Doctors and nurses get pulled into emergency operations, patients do not show up for appointments, and some show up without one. While new patients walk in every day, some come in years later.

This means your staff has to keep track of changes in schedules, capture new information, and dig through old records to obtain medical histories. Being able to obtain all the right information at the right time without overwhelming your patients becomes a struggle, especially when the information is scattered across different software.

Amid this unpredictability, patience and patients are lost. Trust and loyalty, which is integral to your business, falls through the cracks.

To pull off an effective day of managing schedules and retaining restless patients, you need to adopt the right tools and technology, such as a healthcare CRM.


Why Freshworks CRM is ideal for the Healthcare Industry

Freshworks CRM is the best and intuitive healthcare software that works right out of the box and can sync seamlessly with your healthcare environment. It helps your staff build cordial relationships with your patients by 

Storing patient and doctor information in one place for immediate access 

Giving a clear view of a patient’s basic information and their entire medical record in one screen

Keeping track of patients’ medical bills and the fees charged by doctors.

What’s in Freshworks CRM

Capture all interactions and know your patients inside out

Freshworks CRM unifies every record across a patient's medical history in one place by

  • Giving a complete view of every patient’s contact details, social media profile, the doctor assigned, and medical bills
  • Providing notes on the side for your staff to type down the patients’ symptoms, diagnosis, medication, and treatments for future reference
  • Syncing with calendar to schedule and view upcoming appointments with the doctor
  • Pulling together every conversation via email, chat, SMS, and phone call.

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Gain instant visibility to medical bills

With a great number of patients coming in every day for different purposes, it is challenging to keep an eye on the billing process of each of them. With a healthcare CRM software, your staff can track the bills of each patient using a visual pipeline. 

Freshworks CRM provides multiple pipelines that allow you to customize the billing process for each department. You could also create a separate pipeline for doctors to calculate their commissions for each treatment performed.

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Automate personalized communications

Ace patient tracking by engaging with them using personalized and informative newsletters about their illness. Using sales sequence in a hospital CRM, you can 

  • Set newsletter sequences based on activity or time-based triggers
  • Automatically select recipients based on illnesses
  • Schedule email delivery time
  • Track how your newsletters are performing and create the perfect outreach for your patients.

You can also use sales sequences to keep your patients updated about offers and discounts.

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Never miss a beat 

Help your staff hold the day together by automating everyday mundane tasks. Intelligent workflows in a healthcare CRM like Freshworks CRM boost productivity by automating

  • Repetitive tasks such as sending appointment confirmation emails, invoice generation
  • Appointment reminders to patients and doctors
  • Patient management tasks such as notifying the doctor with the patient details and timings as soon as an appointment is booked.

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Make data-driven decisions with reports

With a medical sales software, cut through the noise and understand precisely

  • Which branch or clinic has the most number of patient visits
  • Which department brings you the most revenue, and which ones need more push
  • The performance of your doctors and the revenue each of them generates.

You can create reports and export them as CSV or PDF, create a dashboard to gain instant visibility on the overall performance, and even schedule these reports to be mailed to you at regular intervals.

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