Travel agents sell more with Freshsales

Why your travel agency needs a CRM

As a travel agency, you want to provide more than just a happy holiday. You want to curate magical experiences at exotic locations for each of your travelers and ultimately keep them coming back for more. But this aspiration comes with challenges that must be tackled before you can fulfill it. 

While it’s a fast-growing industry, travel is very seasonal. So, capitalizing the trend and keeping travelers awed all year-round is vital to stay ahead of the cut-throat competition. And then there are multiple other challenges such as the rise of travel aggregators and the changing expectations of travelers—especially the well-informed millennials. In this backdrop, you must build a credible online presence to keep your business from dwindling.

To fly above this dark cloud of challenges, you need to stay on top of your customers’ minds by

In order to achieve the above, you need to know your customers—and know them better than your competition. Adopting the right tools and technology, such as a good travel agency CRM, can help you attract leads into your system, and gain intricate details about them. An ideal CRM for travel agents would not just help you make a sale, but also build good relationships that would bring travelers back to you.

Take your sales to the next level with Freshsales

Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM) is an intuitive CRM system that works right out of the box and enables you to get work done without wandering around the tool. It is a one-stop solution for travel agencies like yours that seamlessly syncs with your business environment and helps you stay ahead of your game.

What’s in Freshsales?

Catch them early and beat the competition

Over 40% of the millennial and Gen Z travelers plan their trips using travel review websites and online travel sites. This makes it essential for travel companies to have high-end systems to provide a smooth customer experience. And with every travel aggregator offering online services, you need to engage with your travelers when they are interested. Else, they are likely to bounce off your website.

A good travel agency CRM like Freshsales allows agents to chat and engage with potential customers as soon as they enter your website, and also capture form inquires and details automatically into the CRM.

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Provide personalized experiences and make them come back

More than 85% of the millennials prefer to go to a new destination every time they travel. Each of them has unique interests, preferences, and choices. Some want to explore the wilderness of nature, while others may enjoy the buzz of cities. So, it is crucial that you understand their needs and personalize their experiences. 

A CRM specifically designed for travel agents helps you understand your customers inside out by

  • Piecing together their contact and travel information in a single screen
  • Automatically enriching their details with social media information
  • Pulling together the entire conversation history you’ve had with them via phone, email, chat, and SMS
  • Laying down their complete activity timeline—page visits, brochures downloaded, email engagement, the travel packages offered to them and more.

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FSA Activity timeline


Automate mundane activities and get time on your side

Your travel agents have to personalize trips for every traveler, as each of their ideal vacations can be so different.

But that's not the only task they do—they also have to manage a pipeline of potential customers, send out emails, follow up, book travel tickets, reserve hotel rooms, and a dozen other things.

And caught up in these mundane tasks, they can lose focus on what matters the most—curating vacations at dream destinations.

With an intelligent travel CRM, you can automate mundane tasks—from sending welcome emails and personalized flyers to generating invoices and almost everything in between.

Sounds interesting? Learn more about workflows

“Workflow automations are freeing up our time for more sales! We use workflows to update lead profiles, so the leads can be assigned via territory assignment—this is an absolute time-saver for us. We no longer have to watch out for mundane tasks because Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM) is always on the job.”

- Krish Subramanian, CEO, Chargebee

Analyze trends and make smart decisions

With all the valuable information about your customers and their interactions sitting in one place, you can use a CRM with analytical capabilities to gain insights and strategize your sales and marketing. Freshsales lets you

  • Analyze travel trends and forecast which months are likely to have less business than others
  • Know which travel packages are popular, and which ones are not
  • Understand how many people are interested in a destination
  • Know how your travel agents are performing and review every activity to tie it down to their metrics.

Check out more details about our advanced reporting

Freshsales reports

“The Reports Dashboard is our favorite feature in Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM). It helps us analyze sales performance and keeps us on our toes. From lack of reporting in our previous tool, we now generate reports 20X faster.”

- Aashray Patel, Partnerships and Marketing, Byond Travel

Stay on top of follow-ups

To keep your business afloat during off-seasons, and turn one-time customers into repeat customers, you need to engage them with personalized, relevant, and effective emails. And well, not just stop there. 

It is crucial to follow up with them on a regular basis. A travel agent CRM software like Freshsales empowers your sales team to create compelling sales sequences by allowing them to

  • Select from a list of email templates, personalize the templates, and set up email delivery timelines
  • Schedule follow-up emails based on activity or time-based triggers
  • Track how the emails are performing and tailor the perfect outreach for your audience.

More on sales sequences

FSA sales sequence

“Sales Sequences have allowed us to easily re-engage prospects who have become unresponsive. It allows us to follow-up with a large number of people who are qualified buyers but not yet ready to purchase, all without leaving the CRM.”

-James Back, Business Development, BigVU

Resolve issues faster and keep your customers happy 

It is no secret that the current generation of travelers relies heavily on social media. So, one glitch in their vacation and your online credibility takes a dip. But we know glitches happen; hence, it is crucial that your support team address every issue and resolve it immediately.

A CRM with seamless helpdesk integration bridges the gap between sales and support, where the sales team has visibility into the past issues faced by travelers. With this information in hand, your sales team will be better prepared before approaching the customer with the next travel package. 

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FD integration

“With the Freshdesk Integration, Freshsales (formerly Freshworks CRM) has taken the sales side of our business a step forward. My support staff can see a full picture of a customer - deals, customer details, and activities. It has both sides of our business talking again!”

- Craig Mclaughlin, Manager, Enterprise Software Solutions, Open Office (APAC)

Do all this and more

Auto-assign every potential customer to the expert agents of the destination using territories

Identify and talk to the most interested travelers with lead scoring

Filter and sort travel package deals based on pricing, probability of closing, last activity date, and more.