Email Templates to Reassure Customers During COVID-19

With the Covid-19 pandemic gripping the world, several small and medium businesses suddenly find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Broadly, companies are worried about two critical aspects—business continuity, and staying connected with their customers. 

Companies are rethinking strategies around generating new business as well as serving existing customers, while staying remote. But that may not be enough. They also need to convince clients old and new that their business is in order.

One way to do that would be to reassure prospects and existing customers about your business continuity plan and open wider channels of communication. 

Tips to keep in mind while sending emails to customers

1. Be empathetic Given that we are all in an unprecedented situation, the humane side of business trumps all others. Nothing matters more than the health and well-being of your customers. Inquire after their and their family’s safety.

2. Maintain consistent communication Do not go off-radar during a crisis. Send regular emails to your customers and emphasize your availability should they need to reach you. Keep email templates ready to be sent to prospects. 

3. Don’t pitch your product This is not the time to be opportunistic.  Exploiting this situation or trying to hard sell would expose you as being insensitive. 

4. Keep customers engaged Share helpful tips on how your customers can deal with this situation. Provide free access or discounts to some of your online resources so they can ride through these difficult times. 

5. Do not invoke fear Sharing too much information about the crisis might scare them, so do not bring it into your emails and focus on weaving in positivity. 

Reaching prospects and customers en masse will be tough during this period. Don’t worry. We have some email templates that you can use. 

Reassurance Email Templates During a Crisis

1. Safety tips 

We are at a crucial juncture that requires everyone to practice safety measures. Inform your customers about the safety precautions implemented at your workplace to ensure business continuity. 

This email from Marriott group of hotels seeks to assure guests of the safety measures in effect across their properties. 

Covid Email template


Email template

Sub: We are here to support you 

Hey <first_name>,

With the Covid-19 crisis looming large over businesses, the onus is on us to take relevant safety measures and be mindful of our next steps. We will monitor the global situation and offer continued support to our employees, customers, and other stakeholders as needed. Your health is a priority for us, so you can read more about our business preparedness and our safety measures here <provide link to business preparedness docket or landing page>.

We have implemented the following measures to support you: 

  • Reach our customer support teams at <provide phone number>.
  • Our customer service team is working round the clock to respond to any queries or concerns you may have about your booking. 
  • While there may be a delay due to volume of requests pouring in, we will attend to every request without fail. 
  • For any cancellations, we will provide <your company name> credit that you can use for future bookings. 
  • Our refund policy has been updated and you can take a look at it here <link>.


You have our pledge that you will have our continued support. For further queries regarding our crisis preparedness, please write to us at <support email id>. 

Stay safe. 



2. Check-in email 

Your sales emails need not have any agenda. Just checking in to see if your customers are doing well and following up on whatever you have to will also work. The main point you need to highlight is that you are available for any support to get through this period. 

Here is an example from Duolingo where they have covered important aspects including:

  • Asking about the customer’s health 
  • Worldwide impact of Covid-19
  • Product plugin 
  • Request to stay safe 

covid email template

Email template

Sub: How are you doing today, <first_name>

Good morning <first_name>, 

I was wondering if you had a chance to go through my previous email.

I understand that these are unprecedented times, with people and businesses still learning to cope with the situation. 

Let’s learn and work together. 

I want to make time for us to connect. Can we have a 15 minute conversation on <date> at<time>

Take care and be safe. I’ll wait for your response. 



3. Steps your business is taking to sail through this period

Be transparent about the measures that your company is adopting to tide over this period so you can assure customers that your business will go on (nearly) as usual. 

Here is an emailer from Chargebee to check-in and keep customers informed: 

covid email template

Email template 

Sub: We are here for you through thick and thin 

Hi <first_name>

As the reality of the crisis starts to sink in, it may have changed the way of life and work for many of us. I wanted to check in and see how you are doing and if your family is safe. 

While we live in unprecedented times, it is best if we all collectively exercise caution, read reliable news, and stay indoors. 

While we wait for this crisis to pass, I wanted to let you know (include what steps your business is taking at the moment/how the industry is faring) 

We can reconnect over a video call or phone call if you have any questions. 

Stay safe. 



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 4. Weave in content with context

You may have a pipeline of emails to be sent, and templates ready for them, but any communication that doesn’t address the crisis may seem insensitive. You need to show to your customers that you are empathetic about their situation. 

Take a look at this email from Drift. 

covid email template

Here’s how you can also bring in context while connecting with customers. 

Email template

Sub: Tips to work better during a crisis

Hey <first_name>

Hope you are doing well in spite of this challenging time. And I also hope that you are staying safe and staying remote. 

If you are already a business that has embraced work from home in the past, then it will be a walk in the park. But if you are experimenting with this because of this unprecedented crisis, then we have some tips on how your company can switch to work-from-home mode. 


  • Keep your employees updated on what’s happening. The more well-documented everything is, the easier it will be to follow up on tasks;
  • Hold regular catch-ups to speak with your team members and improve their morale;
  • Account for time differences between regions, both while contacting people and while setting deadlines;
  • Change KPIs if your business is suddenly impacted by the crisis and don’t expect employees to meet targets set earlier; 
  • Make sure that your remote agents have every resource they might need when it comes to working and learning about new things.


To stay informed during this period you can reach out to us at <contact details> or read more here <resource>. 



Email Templates within CRM

Communicating in a crisis regularly is pivotal to preventing panic. We hope you will find these email templates useful. 

Instead of copy pasting these email templates, won’t it be easier if you can save email templates within a CRM – that also gives you visibility into who your leads are, where they are coming from, and where they want to go in the buying journey? A CRM software helps provide complete context on your leads, and also helps you engage with them via emails and phone calls from within the CRM – so all your information is in one single place.

Freshsales is a sales CRM that offers a 360-degree view of your prospects and customers – so you are always in the know and can send emails in a jiffy. What’s more? You can also save email templates, send bulk sales emails to your prospects and customers. Freshsales also has AI capabilities, that helps you score your leads based on their engagement with your business, and suggests best time for you to engage via emails for you to convert more leads.