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  • Ember Js
  • Spring Boot
  • Java
  • MySQL

What is Fresh Popup?

A tool which can be used to build the widget such as Email collector, Announcement Widget, Slider and Smart bar



A digital marketer need Emails to run a campaign. So marketers always depend on a technical person to build the email collector form. And have to put extra effort in measuring the conversion rate. Moreover can't modify the form without redeployment



Freshpopup helps marketers to build the Email collector widget by using drag and drop editor and collect the email. And  any time they could change the content and design of the widget.


Key Features

  • Widget:  Our Fresh popup support various kind of widget such as Modal, Slider , Smart bar, and pagout.

  • Drag and Drop editor:  With drag and drop editor marketer can build the widget without the help of  programmers. And can customize the Widget for their need without any technical effort.

  • Templates:  We provide the widget templates so that marketer not needed to design the widget from  scratch. They can pick the template and just change the content and image.
  • JS Snippet:  One line Javascript snippet is used to integrate the Fresh popup into the Website, And marketer could configure when they want to show the popup. Etc  show after 1 min delay

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