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What is Fresh Signature?

Freshsignature is an email signature marketing tool that lets organisations turn their employees’ email signature into a powerful marketing channel. Using Freshsignature organisations can create rich email signature for their employees and dynamically change it to serve the right content to the right user. Some of the common use-cases are promoting a content or event, running survey, maintaining brand consistency etc.


It is difficult for organizations to maintain the consistency in the email signature branding for every email sent. To maintain consistency either we need to send a signature to each and every employee and then they need to integrate individually or senior person should go in person in order to implement.



Introducing Fresh Signature, where organization admin can change their employees signature with Gsuite integration or can change by chrome extension. This will allow organizations to change the email signature across the employees without manual intervention and maintain brand consistency.


Key Features​​​​​​

  • Build Branding:  SMB’s can build the uniformed branding across the organization, with each and every email sent. This will give customers trust over the brand.

  • Campaigns:  

    Run banner campaigns to promote your events, content or sales. Where employees can change the campaigns that relevant to the customers.

    • Sender-based: Campaigns that will be rendered based on the employee. Where each and every employee or department might have different campaigns based on the requirements. This will give customers trust over the brand.
    • Account-based: Account based campaigns that specifically tailored to the customer contract or account. Where Gsuite Gmail users when start sending emails, the campaigns will be personalized based on the customer email or domain
    • Chrome extension: Chrome extension for Gmail users to change the campaigns right from the compose window. They can set the relevant campaign while sending the email just a click away.
  • Survey:  

    Surveys are a great way to gather feedback right from the email signature. Be it support or product management people can get the customer's pain point, happiness and what else.

    • CSAT: Customer satisfaction surveys are best to get the customer's real feedback’s whether how they feel about the different functions of the organizations. The support team can get feedback from the customers about the product
    • CES: Customer engagement surveys will be used to get the customers happiness or frustration about the product or functionality
    • NPS: For any product managers, they would really happy to measure product usage and adaptation when it comes to product adaptation. It would really helpful for people to collectively to get know the real value of the product.