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  • Vue Drag and Drop
  • Element UI

What is kanban Board?

The app provides a visual and easy-to-understand manner enabling a single view to manage Freshdesk support tickets. This compact view allows you to look at ticket properties even without opening a ticket.



In the current view, it is very difficult  for the agent to change the status of the ticket properties for each ticket.

Consider the below usecases:


For Supervisors/Admins: Hard to assign the tickets to the group,  setting the priority by going to each ticket details page, assigning it to the group, setting the priority of the ticket and assign it to a particular agent.

For Agents: Currently difficult to track the ticket status and identify the priority of the tickets.



This app allows tracking the ticket easily by configuring the ticket properties. For each individual agent/supervisors/admins.

  • Displays tickets in a unified view.
  • One board per group with a column for each ticket status.
  • Each ticket is represented as a card which shows the ticket Id, subject and short description, due date, and assigned to.
  • Drag and drop tickets onto a column to change the status.
  • Drag ticket to reorder and prioritize tickets within a status column to focus on important work items.
  • Change the ticket properties as configured is easier comparatively.


Key Features

  • Drag and Drop:

     The app allows you to change the current status of the ticket by using the simple drag and drop features. The agent    would not be needed to get into the details page and change the ticket properties due to this feature.
  • Configurations:  

    You can now configure the ticket properties that we need to show in the kanban view column. By default, it l shows the status property.We can configure the invisible/ hidden fields so that these won’t be displayed in the kanban view. You can always choose to hide certain fields through this simple drag-drop interface.

  • Quick Actions:  

    We can change the ticket properties such as

    • Assigning the tickets to the current logged in user.
    • Changing the priority of the ticket.
    • Changing the group of the ticket.
  • Quick Filters:  

    We are providing quick filters such as

    • All tickets
    • Only Assigned to me
    • Recently updated tickets
    • List of tickets assigned to Agents
    • Groups
    • Priority