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Setting up a branded career site with Freshteam

As a part of candidate sourcing, Freshteam helps you to quickly put up a persuasive career site for your organization. It can be as simple as a straight list of open jobs or it can go as far as telling people your culture stories - people, their experiences, possible career paths, perks, benefits and everything else you would like to share when inviting people to work with you

Branding your career site

Create a powerful career site that extends the look, feel and credibility of your brand. You can add your logo and alter the URL of the page to keep the trust ON. If you want more than just that, then Freshteam also enables you to play around with the colors, fonts and custom style sheets of the site. Even better, it allows you to preview them for different devices and orientations before you hit publish.

cast a wide net scr 2x cast a wide net scr 2x

Creating and listing jobs

One after another, you can start creating and listing job postings on your career site. Oh, did we mention there are 50+ inbuilt job descriptions that Freshteam offers?. You have the choice of using the the descriptions as they are or modify them for convenience.

You can also add a unique application form to each job posting to ensure you attract the right candidates to the jobs. Using a form means you can also filter candidates more efficiently.

job create scr 2x job create scr 2x

Managing Applicants inflow

As applicants flood into your career site, Freshteam automatically channels them into your online applicant tracking system as candidates, making it easy for you to screen applicants, start conversations and ease them into your hiring flow.

managing applicant inflow managing applicant inflow

Growing a promising talent pool

When you spot extraordinary applicants who are not proper fits for any of your current openings, you can tag them and archive them to the Fresteam talent pool. In the future, whenever an appropriate role opens up, you can add them to your candidate pipeline again. Archiving candidates to your talent pool ensures you don’t lose them into infinity. It is also the perfect opportunity to nurture them and build relationships with them from one place.

talent pool scr talent pool scr

Other features

Free job boards

Freshteam integrates with multiple free job boards. Which means, you no longer have to log in and out of multiple job boards to manage your job postings instead take over all your job boards through Freshteam.

Social sharing

If you would like to extend your search for passive candidates a little further, social sourcing is the way to go. Freshteam allows you to post jobs to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts and automatically handles the inflow of applicants.


Referrals bring in some of the highest quality of applicants. Your employees can refer friends and family to the firm through Freshteam, and follow up for progress from your applicant tracking system itself.

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