What is Employee Database Software?

Employee database software allows you to store, manage, and track all employee data. It holds a variety of employee personnel fields such as name, age, job title, salary, length of service, etc for HR to refer from. A good employee database software should be self-service based where the employees themselves can add and edit their information. 

Freshteam database software is perfect for rapidly growing businesses. It offers employee record management capabilities that include a self-service portal, a directory of employee profiles, organizational charts, that span across multiple locations.

A quick look at everything Freshteam has to offer,

Customizable personnel fields

Gain more control over grouping and filtering employees based on the qualities relevant to their roles. With basic fields like name, gender, date of birth, blood group, etc., already created for you, you also have 40+ predefined employee fields that you can simply drag and drop to add to your Employee Record. Provide visibility to only certain individuals based on your preference. Remove the fields that you feel aren’t serving the purpose and include the ones that you feel do.

customizable fileds01 2x customizable fileds01 2x

Simple and organized profiles

Your employee directories and org charts could begin to look really complex. Gain greater visibility into all your employee profiles and so will your employees. Browse your employees based on their teams and BUs or sort them based on their first name, job title, employee title, and ID at warp speed.

organized profiles organized profiles

Generate unique custom sequence employee ID

Your organization is probably expanding exponentially. Generating a new sequence of IDs based on the team, BU and designation could be cumbersome each time a new employee joins. Freshteam’s employee ID sequencing’s got you covered. No more entering values into spreadsheets and excel. 

emp id seq 2x emp id seq 2x


Store and manage your HR documents

With data protection rules becoming more dynamic each day, you might have to keep updating your HR and employee records time and again. Freshteam is one place where you can upload all the HR documents such as offer letter, relieving letter, ID proof, etc and stay relieved from safeguarding it.  Needles to say, your employees can view and upload documents in accordance with the access you issue.

hr docs 2x hr docs 2x

More in Freshteam

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Bid goodbye to tedious paper forms and automate your hiring workflow.

Time-off Management

Simple yet powerful absence management software that your team will love.

ATS for recruitment

Everything you need to track, analyze and manage your candidates.

Benefits of using an employee database software

Store data ethically

Provide secure and exclusive access to your employee data based on the roles and responsibilities of your employees. Define and curb your users’ editability and visibility to data. No more losing data to the wrong hands. 

Watch out

Freshteam allows your employees to learn who their peers are. As an HR, you might as well look out for abnormalities in any employee’s behavior such as frequent illness, absence, etc

Employee self-service

Reduce HR workload and errors by empowering your employees to access and edit their data. They can possibly add and edit information such as name, date of birth, time-off requests etc..


 An award-winning HR platform that you would love.

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