Sourcing through the best job boards

There are thousands of ocean-sized job boards out there to help you attract candidates to open positions. Which ones will you choose? Every job board is different - their mission is different, the way job seekers perceive them is different, their reach and functionalities are different. So you need to pick the right ones.

You can start with the top job boards, the well-established ones, and then span out into niche channels if you want - Adzuna, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Glassdoor, Neuvoo, and LinkedIn.

  • They have their presence across the globe.

  • Each of them attracts millions of candidates.

  • Enable you to chisel your employer brand.

  • Most of them allow both free and sponsored job postings.

  • They integrate with an ATS to make recruiting smooth for you.

  • They give you insights and help you gain a competitive edge in the employers' market.

Best Job Boards Freshteam Best Job Boards Freshteam

5 top job boards to help you reach top talent


Did you know “Zuna” means abundance, and that’s why the founders chose the name Ad-zuna? It’s based out of the UK but has spanned into a global job search site over the decade. The good thing is that Adzuna offers you a 30-day free trial unlike most of the other job boards! It also seamlessly integrates with your ATS, career site, or email, and sends the applicants directly to you!

The job board is present in across 250 countries and has around 2.52 million visitors, and yet the site is optimized for a country-specific audience.


ZipRecruiter started out as a hiring platform and then grew into a job board! Today, if you post a job on ZipRecruiter, it automatically publishes the job to hundreds of other job sites, in addition to the ZipRecruiter job board. The site allows you to sift through its resume database, which has around 31 million resumes with the help of filters, such as location, skills, job title, previous companies, etc.

The site allows you a 4-day trial and their pricing is not public.


Check how you can post to ZipRecruiter for free if you post through Freshteam


Glassdoor and Indeed are no more two, but one! Any job you post to Indeed will automatically get published to Glassdoor. Since they recently merged, there’s a high chance that there could be other changes in the features or functionalities offered by them in the near future.

Glassdoor also empowers employees to show their brand, compare their position in the market against competitors, analyse sentiments from reviews, refer to industry standards for compensation and so much more!


LinkedIn is the only professional social networking site and is a great platform to recruit! They have a special account for recruiters called the ‘LinkedIn Recruiter. Recruiters can create pages for their companies, post jobs and learn about their applicants who apply on the same platform. 

LinkedIn is so widely adapted for recruiting that a user’s LinkedIn profile is the new alternative to a curriculum vitae. Again, Publishing jobs to LinkedIn is not free, unless you are a Freshteam partner of course.


Neuvoo is a decade old and is headquartered in Quebec! But it is one of the most popular job boards among the US employers. It allows employers to post free jobs and also invest in PPC job adverts for the hard to fill positions.

It offers ad-ons for salary searches and tax computations and thus attracting more job seekers to the website.

Post to the top job boards in a click, using Freshteam!

To widen your reach and find bright candidates you most often have to publish to multiple job boards. That’s not easy! You’ll have to log in and out of multiple job boards to post jobs, check status, make edits or for anything with your sourcing.

With Freshteam, it’s a totally different story! Switch a toggle, and BAM! Your job is broadcasted to all the top job boards.

Why use Freshteam for hiring?
  • Effortless candidate management since applications automatically fall into the Freshteam ATS where they are screened and evaluated.

  • Applicant tracking capabilities right from requisitions management to new hire to offer management

  • Smart interview scheduling with calendar integrations

  • Team collaboration with scorecards, notes, rating, and swift conversations

  • Easy offer management with inbuilt offer templates

  • New hire onboarding for proactive employee engagement 

  • A 21-days free trial, you can post to all the above job boards for free, no credit card required and you get to keep the candidates if you choose not to continue.

  • Hiring workflows and E-Signatures for virtual hiring

  • Recruitment automation that releases up to 80% of the recruiter’s time

Job boards for Freshteam HR software Job boards for Freshteam HR software

Can’t find your favorite job board? Use Listener emails. 

If you also want to post to other job boards, you can use the email listening option in Freshteam, it sorts and filters emails from whitelisted websites and adds the applications automatically to the ATS as candidate profiles.

For example, if you decide to use AngelList, when a candidate applies, their application will land in your email, and if you have whitelisted the site, the application will be sent to your ATS as a candidate profile automatically by Freshteam.

Which means you can source from any number of job boards without really having to visit their site every day. It’s almost like a substitution for a million job board integration, that is, if there are a million job boards!

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