So, what is job board software?

Job board software allows recruiters to create touchpoints through which job seekers can apply to open positions in the company! For example:

However, job board software capabilities are not limited to the above.

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6 Signs you need Job Board Software

You don’t need a sign! - You need Job board software, and you need it today! One of the biggest mistakes founders make is letting hiring needs take a back seat in the initial phase. As a result, they settle for talent they can find through the immediate social circles. Not that referrals are bad, but the minute it becomes your only source of candidates, it starts crippling growth.

Juggling multiple sourcing channels? - Imagine bringing them all under one roof - the whole recruiting world put in order, and offered to you and your team on sleek software! It would kick so much chaos out of your recruiters’ life. Your team will work with one system in place of ten! Candidate management, interview scheduling, feedback gathering, and more, on one tool.

Not enough qualified applicants? - Your TA works at the speed of light and yet your hiring managers are not happy with the applications that come in? Not sure why candidates with the right skills and qualifications don’t choose you? Maybe you haven’t told them about it - the reason being, your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to amplify reach, they are already running on empty.

Team collaboration is a hassle? - How do you follow-up with your fellow-recruiters, hiring managers, candidates, interviewers, panel members or decision makers - back-and-forth emails, walk to their cubicle, call them, nag them on chat? Did you know that you can free up to 80% of your everyday recruiting chores if the right tool was in place? It’s time to value your time!

Your teams expanding?  - Maybe your company hit a revenue milestone and every team on your floor is thinking about rapid expansion plans! Can you already foresee hiring managers rushing by your bay with job requisitions? Which means, more jobs to fill, more job sites! If this resonates with you, you are already late. You need a magic wand or job board software yesterday!

Employer brand awareness - Not on your list? It should be. The inside stories we share with the world about culture, people, practices, accomplishment and why we believe in what we believe is what truly attracts the tribe! You’ll be surprised at how it impacts the quality of your applications, the happiness of your hiring managers, and of course the business, at the end of day.

Benefits of using job board software 

Amplify sourcing efforts

Job board software like Freshteam helps you add all facets of candidate sourcing into one arsenal - everything from job aggregators to internal job portals! That’s such a relief because without that your recruiters would be switching between multiple web applications or job aggregators, to post jobs, edit them or keep track of what’s going on with them.

Streamline hiring process

Instead of working with misplaced papers and expired excels, job board software gives your recruiters the chance to work with smart HR software that empowers them to do more, in a more organized way. All details, profiles, actions, and statuses that are concerned with recruiting are available in one system, cleanly represented, for the entire team to access.

Screen candidates faster

When you are working with multiple sourcing channels, you need an efficient screening system in place. Otherwise, you will just be bogged down by the volume of applicants. You need a job board software that comes with initial screening capabilities such as custom application forms, resume parser, or the ability to run automated pre-assessment tests. 

Optimize hiring budget 

Yes, your jobs need a wide reach, but that doesn’t mean you post to every job board in the world. You need to pick, try them, and aggressively optimize to maximize hiring success! Job Board software gives you reports that enable you to compare the time to hire, cost per hire, and other vital metrics for different candidate sources and make informed sourcing decisions

Mobile Apps

Some Job board software comes bundled with a mobile app - a mini, quick-response assistant that notifies you when something important happens - may be a candidate wrote to you, or a colleague advanced the candidate to the next round, or someone sent in feedback, and so on. What’s more? They give you the option to act on them from anywhere, anytime. 

Common features of job boards software


- Integration to important job portals

Good job board software needs to integrate with all the major job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc to attract the best talent—and enable you to manage job postings on different channels from a single dashboard.

- Applicant tracking capabilities

Your job board software needs to also have ATS features that help you track job applications from the job boards automatically rather than adding them manually. The ATS will also help you schedule assessments, and interviews and roll out the offer through the same platform. 

- Connected to your mailbox

Most good job board software also enables you to collect job applications that arrive in your careers email ID and track them on the same platform.

- Custom tracking links 

Look for job board software that comes with custom tracking links—this enables you to track where your best candidates are coming from, which job board gives you the least ROI, and which one has the best potential. This helps you make the best use of your hiring budget.

Read on, and then tell us why not Freshteam?

One-click job publishing

  • Switch a toggle to post to all the major job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Adzuna, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Facebook jobs, and Neuvoo.

  • Broadcast latest job vacancies to social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

  • Set up a career site that has the look and feel of your brand. When candidates search for you, let them find you!

  • Handle your IJPs (Internal job postings) right on Freshteam!

  • And your referral drives! Employees can refer friends and family to open jobs and follow up on the referral status on Freshteam.

Job-board-software-freshteam Job-board-software-freshteam

Impeccable candidate experience 

  • All candidate information is available in a one-screen view - the Candidate 360, giving recruiters and panel members enough context for meaningful candidate interactions.

  • Conversation history shows where the conversation was last left and filters highlight when your response is due

  • Interview scorecards that remove interviewer bias and ensure a fair interview process.

  • And a lot more!

Job-board-software-candidate360 Job-board-software-candidate360

Save candidates for later

  • Like a candidate but don’t have a role? Save them to the Freshteam talent pool.

  • Tag them by experience, skills, certifications, visa status, or anything you would like to remember them by. 

  • Use the filters and search to rediscover candidates when fresh roles open up.

  • Suggest candidates to upcoming roles or an alternative role.

  • Automatically archive candidates of your preference to the talent pool with the Freshteam Autopilot! You just have to configure your preferences. For example, configure the autopilot to archive candidates if the reason for rejection is ‘overqualified’.

Job-board-software-talent-pool Job-board-software-talent-pool

Hire as a team

  • Onboard your entire hiring team - discuss candidates, leave comments for each other (both private and public), and make solid hiring decisions.

  • Know when your interviewers are available for interviews - the Google or Office365 calendar sync makes it a breeze!

  • Use the Autopilot to automatically notify concerned stakeholders when an interview is scheduled or canceled, or a candidate is advanced.

Checklists, workflows, courtrooms, a fantastic world of virtual hiring tools that words cannot capture! You should sign up for a free trial and try it first-hand.

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With Freshteam, there’s always more 

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Is job distribution software the same as job board software?

Online job distribution software is software that enables employers to post job openings across platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc. It may also include social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Job board software includes the capabilities of job distribution software along with a large number of other features such as ATS, custom tracking, and more.

Is job board software free?

Most job board management software allows a limited number of job postings to multiple job boards for free. But beyond a certain number of posts, you might have to move to a paid plan. However, job board software is much more economical for posting on multiple channels than paying for and managing each job board separately. Feel free to explore Freshteam's pricing plans and see what suits your business requirements best.  


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