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  • Screening candidates from the vast pool of applicants

  • Managing the entire hiring process on spreadsheets

  • Posting jobs manually on different platforms

  • Amazing Customer Support
300 applications for a single
job posting
Candidate filtering in 2 days
instead of 5 days
Reduced time-to-hire
a person

About Datahut

Started in 2015 with a mission to democratize data, Datahut, a data extraction company, takes care of web scraping and crawling services for businesses ranging from small startups to Fortune 100 companies. Touted as a cloud-based data-as-a-service platform, they provide structured data feeds to help companies build apps, conduct analysis, and experiment with fresh ideas.

We spoke to Tony Paul, co-founder of Datahut, to understand how partnering with Freshteam has helped streamline their hiring process.


Challenges Datahut faced with hiring

Challenge 1: Filtering and shortlisting quality candidates

Being a bootstrapped startup, hiring good talent was like oxygen for Datahut. But at the same time, they did not have forever to make these hiring decisions. They usually hired fresh graduates, and each job posting had close to 300 applicants. Shortlisting quality candidates from the vast pool of applicants and scheduling interviews became a cumbersome task for the HR department.

Challenge 2: Reliance on spreadsheets to manage the hiring process

Moving candidates across various stages of the interview process and sending custom emails to select and reject candidates while navigating through multiple excel sheets was bound to lead to chaos. And that’s precisely what happened. In Tony’s words, “The entire process was highly inefficient and chaotic to manage. The HR department was not really getting to do anything else productively.

Challenge 3: Manually posting jobs to job boards

Prior to Freshteam, Datahut had to manually post all the jobs on various job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. This consumed a lot of their time, and in startups, as we all know, time is the most precious resource. They needed a solution that would streamline their process and optimize their hiring. Thus began the hunt for an effective Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Why Datahut chose Freshteam

Datahut was one of the earliest adopters of Freshteam. So what made them choose Freshteam? Here are a few reasons:

User experience and intuitiveness

Datahut was experimenting with different Applicant Tracking Softwares in the market. What made Freshteam stand apart was its user experience and intuitiveness. 

“When we started using Freshteam, we found the UI really intuitive. Our team members were not really from a technical background, but they were able to get started and use the system without a lot of training.”

Tony Paul



Integration with job boards

Freshteam’s integration with several job boards such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, etc., makes it possible for the HR department at Datahut to post jobs on all these platforms at one go. They didn’t have to navigate between various job boards anymore. A simple push-button does the trick of posting to multiple job boards. Making edits to a job also becomes easy because Freshteam ensures that job information is in sync across all job boards.

Saving time with canned responses

Since Datahut received close to 300 applications for a single job posting, filtering and sending personalized emails to all these candidates consumed a lot of time. Their HR team needed something efficient to communicate with the candidates without spending much time. 

With Freshteam’s canned responses, Datahut can now communicate and provide a better candidate experience without compromising personalization. They can create standardized pre-formatted emails and send them to selected/rejected candidates, communicate interview schedules, etc., thus saving a lot of time in the process. “We really love using the canned responses feature because we used to spend a lot of time writing emails manually,” says Tony.

Drawing actionable insights through Reporting and Analytics

With Freshteam’s inbuilt and customizable reports, Datahut draws crucial insights regarding its hiring process. For example, they’re able to determine from where the maximum number of candidates come from, at which stage candidates spend most of their time, etc. Such insights were not possible in spreadsheets even after the application of multiple pivot tables and VLOOKUPs. 

Fair pricing and splendid customer support

“The other platforms that we used were really, really pricey. We were a startup who were bootstrapping. So, Freshteam has always been very startup-friendly, and I’ve already recommended Freshteam to at least five or six people,” remarks Tony. 

Another aspect that tilted the needle strongly in favor of Freshteam was customer support. “We deliberately asked a lot of questions while evaluating different solutions. With the big players in the market, it takes forever to get a response. For a startup with constantly evolving dates like us, that cannot happen. But with Freshteam, whenever I had questions, I got answers instantly,” says Tony. 

The Freshteam impact

For Tony and the HR team at Datahut, using Freshteam to manage their end-to-end hiring process made all the difference. Freshteam transforms every aspect of the hiring process for Datahut. Sourcing candidates through various job portals has become a breeze. Timely and effective communication with candidates is now possible. The hiring managers and panel members are able to give structured and unbiased feedback through interview scorecards. And above all, the insights gained through various reports help them optimize their hiring operations. 

All these features enable Datahut to reduce the time to hire a person effectively.

“The biggest savings for us was in terms of reducing the time to hire a person. For example, the candidate filtering process, which took us five days before Freshteam now takes only two days at the max.”

Tony Paul



Looking ahead

Looking ahead, Tony and the team at Datahut plan to reach 250 employees by 2025 as they go about their mission of democratizing internet data. 
“By 2025, I think we will be reaching 250 employees. Freshteam will be a vital tool in our arsenal as we look to hire quality talent and good people to help us achieve our mission,” says Tony.