Transform the way you work

Keep your teams in the know 

Tickets, incidents and service requests can be posted to relevant channels so that everyone can be kept in the loop, with full visibility and real-time updates. Agents can also view the most recent high priority open and pending tickets assigned to them, right inside Slack. 


Enable seamless collaboration

Agents can collaborate quickly with teammates on a ticket, right inside Slack. Not only do updates from the helpdesk and ITSM tool get posted to the message thread but replies also get synced back to Freshdesk and Freshservice, so context is preserved for future reference.


Help your agents work faster

Cut your agents some slack and help them get work done, no matter what tool they're using at the moment. Agents can create tickets, edit properties, and even dash off quick replies to customers, straight from Slack.

Connect your Slack account with your Freshdesk and Freshservice accounts to help your agents get work done faster