Better engagement starts with 360-degree customer data 

Unified Customer Record helps uncover insights from 360-degree customer data,

enabling all your business functions to engage your customers better.


360 customer view

UCR: The native customer data platform for your favorite CRM

Unified Customer Record helps sales and marketing teams put the customer data into action inside Freshworks CRM.

360-degree customer context

UCR ingests data from multiple sources beyond Freshworks CRM, including website activity, social media, support tickets, and other touchpoints in real-time and at scale.

A single source of truth

All customer attributes are connected to identities and customer profiles are consolidated into unified customer records, further enriched by third-party data sources.

Segments for better engagement

Salespersons and marketers can create and manage detailed customer segments and use them to execute data-driven engagement strategies that delight customers across the journey.